LuAnn Says She’s Done With Sonja Morgan!

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LuAnn de Lesseps is “readingSonja Morgan in her Bravo blog. After the explosive showdown between the ladies on last night’s episode, LuAnn has taken to her blog to express her disappointments in Sonja Morgan.

LuAnn states Sonja can keep Ramona and doesn’t think Heather was being bossy at all. She wrote:

“I’m not jealous of her relationship with Ramona, I’m STUNNED by it. Its now crystal clear to me Sonja doesn’t appreciate my value as a friend — and she can keep Ramona anyday! I’ve got plenty of friends (like Carole, Heather, and Kristen) who really do appreciate me and who see right through Sonja and her jealousy of my life. Sonja even says it, “Lu has everything.” I know she’s going through hard times, but I learned a long time ago to get rid of people who are jealous to make room for well wishers. Jealousy is a very ugly trait!”
“Some of us aren’t as happy in nature as I am. Sonja seemed to let the cabin fever get her. I grew up in nature like that in Connecticut so it doesn’t bother me. I loved it but obviously Sonja started hating on it. What did Connecticut ever to to her? Quite honestly I’m not sure what’s gotten into her but she certainly hasn’t been behaving like my friend Sonja, the girl I used to know. Constantly finding things to pick on me about and not reacting to a facialist thats saying things about me she knows are untrue! With friends like these who need enemies?”


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