Hollywood Exes Sneak Peek: Drea is Stressing Over Wedding Plans

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Hollywood Exes

Drea and Brian‘s wedding is only two weeks away so Drea’s been unraveling with all the planning that comes with a wedding. Drea finally shows up to toast the ladies in Hawaii on the next “Hollywood Exes” and has a very important question.

Will they be her bridesmaids?

After Drea instructs the ladies to get their bodies snatched, the ladies pow-wow on role-playing in the bedroom, sex drives after 40 and Mayte‘s long distance relationship.

While Drea, Shamicka, and Shanna are thrilled to be in Hawaii without Jessica, her absence isn’t sitting right with Nicole. Mayte admits her relationship is in trouble and game of “Truth Or Dare” brings up Drea’s painful past.


Hollywood Exes Season 3 Episode 7 airs Wednesday, June 25th + 9/8c on VH1.

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