Ladies of London Recap: Caprice The Brit Wannabe [Episode 4]

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We begin tonight’s episode of “Ladies of London” with Juliet in the kitchen with her adorable children, baking cookies. Of course, the whole point of the scene is for Juliet to reflect on her behavior with Annabelle at the 4th of July party. Next we join Caroline and Annabelle who are reflecting on Juliet’s behavior at the 4th of July party. Caroline explains that Juliet is someone who acts first and thinks second. And that’s probably why she was selected to be on the show.

Caprice is at a photo shoot for Ok! Magazine. She reminds us that soon she will be flying off to Los Angeles for three months and returning with two baby boys. And there she has her story when the children ask “where do baby’s come from.” Los Angeles! She phones her friend Julie who is actually Lady Julie Hinchingbrooke to ask about Annabelle. Really it’s to introduce Lady Julie to us because she is the newest cast member. Caprice invites her to a hat party that Juliet is having.


Juliet joins Gregor for a drink and brings up the distress about Annabelle’s behavior at the party. Gregor said that meeting Annabelle was like meeting the grim reaper and they deduce her as being passive-aggressive. Who needs a licensed therapist when you’ve got these two? Gregor tells his wife that although she was most likely right, her manner is intolerable. Juliet only hears the first part. And that she has passion, which Gregor agrees with. Juliet gushes that her husband is like Yoda. Of course, if that were true, he would have said, “Passion you have.”

Ladies of London

Pip the hat maker arrives at Juliet’s house and will explain proper hat etiquette to the ladies and hopefully give Noelle a crash course. One by one, the ladies arrive. As per usual, the Brits are bored and the Americans are having fun. The ladies place a silly looking hat on Caroline and tell her she looks great – they are lying, Caroline! Caroline acknowledges that the giddy Americans bouncing around make her happy. So glad.

Ladies of London Photos - More Hat Party Hijinks and Sandown Glamor.clipular

Caprice and Lady Julie go into the kitchen where Noelle swoops in joins them. She gushes about an article about Caprice, and how she wants to be just like Caprice, and how the press are really cruel to her, and how they misconstrued a story about her and Scot, and how everyone thought they were breaking up. Noelle spoke non-stop about herself that I’m surprised Lady Julie’s and Caprice’s eyes weren’t spinning. In a TH Caprice says that Noelle wants to be famous and she should work very hard to be her best friend. These are words that Caprice will most likely regret.

Ladies of London Photos - More Hat Party Hijinks and Sandown Glamor.clipular (2)

Ladies of London Photos - More Hat Party Hijinks and Sandown Glamor.clipular (1)

Juliet and Lady Julie talk and we learn that Lady Julie is also an American from Chicago. They bond over their love for shopping at Target. Caprice is horrified. Caroline brings up her sadness that Annabelle couldn’t be there because it was too last minute. Juliet explains this is how she rolls. Caroline explains that Brits need one to two months advance notice. Caprice looks horrified (again) that Caroline has forgotten Juliet’s behavior and gives three excuses to leave.

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Noelle and Scot are flat shopping again. This time the place is $10K per month. Not a lot of square footage for that amount. As they walk around the apartment, Scot looks like he’s wearing a wool sweater three sizes too small the way he pulls at the collar. Noelle wants the place and Scot tells her he’ll sort it out. That doesn’t sound like a commitment to me, but fingers crossed for Noelle.

Ladies of London 7

Annabelle is backstage getting ready for the fashion show for Conchita Perez. The show is being held underground. Unfortunately it is raining very hard and water is leaking in. They’ve patched it up, but must hurry or the water will burst through. Everything is thrown into high-gear. The hair and shoes are hideous, but maybe that’s brilliant because you only want look at the clothes. Some are wearable, some are avant-garde. One model was the female Edwardian Scissorhands. The event is considered a success.

Ladies of London

Caroline and Caprice are shopping. I’m surprised by Caroline’s shorts because it seems as if she’s borrowed the cut-off’s from Juliet that she recently ridiculed. They are still discussing the Juliet/Annabelle incident. Caprice confronts Caroline on her non-confrontation. Each week there is a word used that must be looked up. This week’s word is: fishwife. That’s why Caroline didn’t join in, so she wouldn’t be a fishwife. Oxford definition: a coarse-mannered woman who is prone to shouting. Thank you Caroline for this week’s English lesson.


The two discuss a baby shower that Caroline has offered to throw for Caprice. Caprice tells her that she’d like to have it at a restaurant. Caroline finds this suggestion rude. Caprice says that Caroline’s home is an hour away and her friends won’t drive that far. Caroline feels that these aren’t really your friends then. Caprice is insistent on having it a restaurant. Then, in a TH Caprice says that this shower is a celebration to honor her children and if she wants to have a baby shower on the moon, then who cares. Umm, Caprice, you do realize that your friends will have to travel longer than an hour, right?


We join Noelle on the street when she calls Marissa to tell her the annoying news that the flat she was supposed to move into yesterday is not ready. Scot has told Noelle that it will be ready on Monday. (Raise your hand if you think it will be ready on Monday.) Noelle and Scot meet up and shop for wine. She warns him that if it isn’t ready on Monday, she is prepared to reevaluate their relationship. Scot gets firm and says they are going to go… have a glass of wine. Noelle laughs and says he’s such a great negotiator and that’s why she loves him. Noelle, sweetie, he’s been going through a divorce for four years, I’m not so sure he’s a great negotiator.

The ladies arrive at Marissa’s house prior to the Sandown Horse Races. Only two of the five ladies have hats. Noelle is not one of the two, obviously still not recovered from her last hat trauma. They get into the limo and drive to the races. In the car, Caprice brings up the Juliet/Annabelle incident again. My goodness woman, can’t you get over this? Even the Real Housewives of New Jersey don’t rehash events this long.


After the race, which the ladies lose money at, Lady Julie invites them to her in-laws estate. Noelle perks up at the word: estate. We learn that Lady Julie’s in-law’s are the Earl and Countess of Sandwich. I’ve eaten there before, Noelle. It’s not that fancy. Tune in next week for Ladies of London when we see if the ladies dine on sandwiches.

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