Married to Medicine Recap: B*tches Retreat [Episode 12]

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Married to Medicine returns tonight and the episode starts off with Simone and Cecil goofing around in the bed.  It’s nice to see Dr. S let her hair down after her recent stress from work and marriage issues.

Toya and Eugene are making breakfast for everyone. Well mostly Eugene (with very little help from Toya). Quad is in the kitchen with a full glam squad getting dolled up for the day?!? She’s the only one of the ladies that brought a personal glam squad. I guess natural beauty isn’t one of her strong suits. 

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Toya, Lisa Nicole and Quad are talking about their favorite topic. After Toya’s husband serves up breakfast, the ladies start talking about who wasn’t invited to the table — Mariah. Simone explains she invited Mariah to join the group because she wants the ladies and Mariah to make peace — she’s not trying to be messy. But Quad and Toya are not hearing any of it. They voice their opposition the loudest against Simone’s peace treaty offering. 

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Quad then brings up Mariah’s restraining order against Reco as an excuse to have nothing to do with Mariah. Although, she admits she didn’t witness Reco’s aggressive verbal attack on Mariah. Seems like Quad is determined to use any excuse to hate MariahToya feels that Simone is playing both sides and is peeved she can’t remember telling her she secretly invited Mariah. Ruh roh? As tempers flare, a shouting match between Toya and Simone ensue while their husbands watch from the sidelines, shaking their heads in disbelief. Shouting, fighting and attacking Simone is their definition of a drama-free getaway? For a group that blames Mariah for bringing drama they sure could have fooled me who the real sh*t stirrers are. 


After the ladies take a breather, it’s on to more directly dangerous pursuits — like ziplining with their hubbies. The best news about zip-lining in this kind of scenario is that at least you know you will be surrounded by doctors. Tonight I learned something new about Heavenly. Not only is she a Relationship Expert but a daredevil too. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes! Watch out now!

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Meanwhile, the ladies might not have invited Mariah to the wilderness, but she got to the wilderness on her own — for a glamping session with REAL friends. No offense to the Blue Ridge trippers, but Mariah’s camping accommodations look a lot more decadent than the cabin. Mariah doesn’t care what the votes say, she’s found people that want to be with her and who host a fine party as well. Mariah’s tells  the group that the ladies are currently on couples retreat and voted not to invite her and Aydin. Mariah’s “Good Judy” (gay slang for your best gay friend) says Quad wants to be the queen bee. I agree! Mariah and friends roast marshmallows around a campfire. Mariah gets choked up as she thanks Jamie and Tra for their friendship and hospitality.

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Even Miss Lucy came along for the glampfest (wearing a very appropriate hat of course). Miss Lucy is serving shade, with a side of polka dots. You go Miss Lucy!

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Back at Blue Ridge, Simone and Cecil initiate a relationship-building exercise for the couples — sex, work, and cheating all hot button topics among this emotionally charged discussion. The exercise was extremely revealing on how some of these husbands really view their wives. Apparently, when Eugene married Toya, his money became her money and her uterus became “their” uterus! Seems like an equitable trade off?!? 

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Greg thinks good men DO cheat and Quad needs to focus on babies and not a career! Darren “was” a serial cheater and Lisa Nicole forgave him multiple times. Messyboots! Jackie and Curtis have an poignant exchange about Jackie’s difficulty giving Curtis a biological child (particularly a son). There’s not a dry face in the room after their heart-rendering conversation. Later in the episode Quad and Greg discuss career and babies again. Quad manages to convince her husband they should hold off on having babies until her career takes off and she becomes successful. Poor Greg, he fell for Quad’s yada yada yada because once she hits the big time, I suspect babies and marriage will be the furthest thing from her mind!


The next day, couples engage in a game of touch football — women versus men. All things considered, it was a nail-biter of a game. Doctor’s wife down! Can someone get a medic in here! The ladies might not have won, but they put up a hell of a fight out there on the field. Way to go ladies!

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Stay tuned for next week’s explosive episode, Quad and Toya face off with Mariah in the courtroom, lending their support to Reco Chappelle, as he disputes Mariah’s restraining order. Meanwhile, Jackie is visited by her stepdaughter Kursten, who reveals something surprising. Later, Mariah decides to extend a peace offering to all the ladies by inviting them to the launch of her new business venture. Then, after all her hard work, Lisa Nicole unveils her design collection to Atlanta and the world.

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