Kandi’s Wedding Recap: Prenups And Strippers [Episode 4]

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With Kandi and Todd’s wedding only two days away, Kandi finally sends Todd the daunting prenup and requests he signs it ASAP. Concerned that he might not be protected in the agreement, Todd seeks the advice of a lawyer. Surprise…surprise, it’s Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams divorce attorney. He must be on retainer by Bravo!

The terms stipulated in the premarital agreement are extreme. If Kandi dies, Todd gets nothing. And if they break-up, Todd has to vacate their marital home in 30 days. I know Kandi is a shrewd business woman but that seems a bit stingy and uncaring. Todd’s lawyer agrees and wants him to get something instead of nothing. The attorney shocks Todd when he advises him not to sign.


The clock is ticking and wedding guests have started to arrive in Atlanta. Unaware of how serious the prenup situation is becoming, Todd and Kandi’s friends continue planning parties for the bride and groom to celebrate their last night of being single.

The couple lay down some ground rules for each other before their bachelorette and bachelor parties – no licking or sucking of anything! Alrightly then! Kandi’s party is organized by her maid and matron of honor, while Phaedra Parks (Mrs. Southern Belle), provided the “freaky” entertainment for the night. The “freaky” entertainment consist of  dwarf and plus-size strippers. Very southern belle like!


Meanwhile, over at Bar One, Todd’s bachelor party gets a little out of control with Todd nearly breaking the “rules” Kandi has laid out for him.


The next day, a tired Kandi and Todd deal with prenup drama during their wedding rehearsal. Things took a turn for the worse when Todd tells Kandi about his reservations with signing the paperwork.

“You can’t be mad at me for dealing with my lawyer and he has concerns. Is this sh*t personal or is it just business?”

Kandi, is bewildered as to what Todd’s issues really are. She snipes back:

“How is it personal to say you get what you get and I get?” Kandi snipes back. Things escalate when Todd points out: “If we don’t work out, I have to get out of the damn house in 30 days? How do I get out of the house in 30 days?”

The discussion leads to a heated argument, and a division between the couple with less than 24 hours before the wedding. Kandi’s attorneys are advising her to call the wedding off until the prenup is signed. Kandi has serious concern’s about Todd’s request that involve money.


Todd’s argument is he gave up several job offers to stay in Atlanta to be with Kandi per Kandi’s request. We all witnessed this in season 6 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Episode 11 of season 6). The scene involved Todd telling Kandi he received a job offer and Kandi broke down in tears practically begging Todd not to leave her (to go work). Knowing this, makes Todd’s concerns/requests seem reasonable considerations in the prenup.

In Kandi’s TH she gripes:

“Todd can say whatever he wants about it not being about the money [being] why he doesn’t like the prenup. But meanwhile, his attorney is [the one] sending notes and all those notes are about money!”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Photos - Is Porsha a Good Friend-.clipular

Kandi turns to Todd and says, “So you think you should get some of my money?” In which he replies, “I don’t want your fu*king money…I don’t think there’s gonna be no wedding.” Todd is furious and storms out of his own wedding rehearsal. 

As viewers well know, Mama Joyce, has voiced her concerns over Todd being an opportunist and wanting her millionaire daughter’s money. A rift like this would be the perfect opportunity for MJ to manipulate Kandi into calling off the wedding while basking in her victory.

Kandi's Wedding

Stay tuned for next week’s dramatic conclusion of “Kandi’s Wedding” when the couple walk down the aisle for their big “Coming to America” wedding!


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