Chris Manzo’s Photo Used in Craigslist Sex Ad Scam

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On Wednesday, June 18, former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Chris Manzo posted the following photo of a Craigslist ad.


Apparently, some random weirdo placed the ad on Craigslist in the personals section seeking women for sex. The ad features a photo of Chris, wearing a black T-shirt and smiling. The ad’s title states that he’s a 32-year-old Italian male who is looking for a female for a no-strings-attached relationship. The description further states that he’s looking for someone with whom he can make calls with whenever they “need [their] fix” and that women should send him their photos, location and phone number immediately because he “want[s] to start tonight.”

The ad was not placed by Chris Manzo! Some weirdo used Chris’ photo to attract women to his/her ad (insert your own joke here). Chris took to his Instagram to clear his name. Notifying his followers, he did not place the ad and warned that it was the work of a kidnapper. Caroline Manzo‘s son poked fun at his physique or lack thereof, stating the fraudster described his body as “athletic” rather than something truly horrible, like “gross.”

Chris Manzo and his family may have walked away from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” but they are not done with television yet. His mom, Caroline Manzo, managed to get her own show. Eat your heart out Teresa“Manzo’d with Children,”  is scheduled to premiere later this year, the show will also feature Jacqueline Laurita and her adorable family.

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