Saturday Funnies: Mama Joyce’s Geriatric Fight Night

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the rocky years-1 

She’s FEARLESS…She will Take All Comers!
Mama Joyce


 Let Me At The Bitch!


 I Will F*ck Her Up!


mj, sharon, kandi 

She’s Sassy!
screen-shot-2011-12-12-at-2-03-02-pm (1)
She’s Feisty!
screen-shot-2011-12-12-at-2-03-36-pm (1)
And She’s a FORCE to be Recon’d With!
Apollo Has met his MATCH!
Woman-Beating-a-Man-Boxing-Joyce, Apollo
Mama Joyce’s Geriatric Fight Night 

Coming Soon From Brava!

friend, Andy, Joyce
BUT……………We May Have a Worthy Opponent For Mama Joyce!
Sharon “You Got The Wrong One Now Bitch” Tucker


Whoa Whoa…..Calm Down Mama!



REMATCH at Aunt Bertha’s House!

giphy (11)

 Coming to Your TV soon!  


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously* 


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