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LA Hair Recap: “Clash of the Big Wigs” [Episode 5]

LA Hair

‘LA Hair’ recap: ‘Clash of the Big Wigs’

The spritz is about to hit the fan honey and in more ways than one.  First, “hair majesty” Kim has to show a few wigs to the not so pleasant celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin and secondly, Lisa says deuces although probably not for long.

Kim met with “Mr. I-usually-get-my-hair-from-Europe.” She proudly displays a handful of wigs from her collection, but everything was either too this or not enough that for Jonathan. Even my blood pressure was rising and if I had a nitro tablet to take, I would have probably tucked one underneath my tongue and chase it down with a nerve pill. The man’s ego is as big a billboard. However, Anthony did warn Kim that Jonathan “my salon is in Beverly Hills” Antin would be difficult to deal with.

LA Hair

A breakfast meeting of the minds takes place the next morning between Kim, her mom Jazz and her sister Leah where the topics are Jonathan and the latest salon drama between Naja and Lisa. Kim instructs Leah to go back and diffuse the tension and so she does or least tries to do.

Unfortunately, Lisa ain’t trying to hear that noise and tells Leah, “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you and you don’t feed the hands that bite.”  Translation: “I bring you top of the line clients (money) so don’t talk to me any kind of way.” Terry steps in as a voice of reason and reminds Lisa of the error of her ways. For instance, she came in full of vinegar on her first day of work. Lisa responds by doling out a few more choice words and then packs up her hair goodies and leaves.

LA Hair

Kim waltzes back over to Jonathan’s salon with a red wig for reality star Gretchen Rossi per Jonathan’s request. Does he like it?  Hair no!  Kim then invites him outside to discuss the matter privately. It’s a match between hair majesty vs. hair god and somebody’s ends may get split for real!  The girl was so heated she nearly started frothing at the mouth and I’m not talking shampoo lather either. Jonathan rants on about how he was doing her a favor, barking orders at her to get the wig done right, blah-blah-blah. He’s lucky to still be standing with all his teeth and man parts.

LA Hair

Naja is giving a pedicure to a client fresh from Chicago and rocking a weave she wove herself thanks to a YouTube video. The woman has a part in her scalp a mile wide and it takes both China and Dontay to get to the root of the mess. And to top it all off, her hair is layered with glue and had not been shampooed in six months.


Angela drops by Lisa’s house for barbering lessons and an unsolicited earful of real talk on the side. We learn that clippers are not just tools of Lisa’s trade but they are deeply symbolic and represent her survival. After experiencing homelessness, abuse and struggles in providing for her kids, becoming a barber was Lisa’s route to economic power. So yeah, she got upset and emotional when Anthony broke her clippers in the first episode and now we know why. This is her money-maker, her golden goose.

LA Hair

Kim goes back to Jonathan’s for round three with a curled wig in tow. Of course, he wants to re-curl it.  How else was he going to get on Kim’s last spare nerve? Oh, I know.  Complain about the color not being red enough or not Julia Roberts four-years ago enough.Yeah Kim, what color of crayon red does he want? Nevertheless, they do manage to work it out and everyone is happy with the end results. He even tells Kim he may never go back to using the folks in Europe. You go Kim. You now have Jonathan Antin’s stamp of approval…something I’m sure would normally take an act of Congress to get.

LA Hair

As for the woman with the ingrown weave at Kim Kimble’s SalonChina and Dontay worked some hair magic there as well. Five hours later, the client walked away with a crown of glorious hair and a standing ovation from the queen’s (Kim) court (staff).

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