Shannon Beador Regrets Sharing Her Marriage Problems With Tamra Judge!

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On Monday’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Shannon Beador confided in Tamra Judge about problems in her rocky marriage to David Beador. Tamra then took that sensitive info and shared it with Heather Dubrow. Shannon now has major regrets for sharing fer marriage problems with Tamra and has taken to her Bravo blog to vent. Shannon thought Tamra was a friend. Shannon also addresses Tamra’s attempt to blame her nasty behavior towards Heather on Shannon. Essentially throwing Shannon under the bus.

In her blog, Shannon wrote:

“I  have 3 best friends; I value my true friendships with them and I really haven’t let anyone else in for years. I have become very close to Tamra, however, in an incredibly short amount of time which is very uncharacteristic of me. David also became close to Eddie quickly and we began to do things together socially. When David and I got into a bad argument, it made sense to me that I would approach my new friend to confide in her. I never told her that David and I were splitting up or even discussing it. I never gave her a copy of the email he sent to me. It was never said in the email that David wanted a divorce and I am disappointed that Tamra would even make that inaccurate statement about such a serious topic. You see in the previews that it might not have been the best decision to confide in Tamra.”
Moreover, I was disappointed to hear what Tamra said about me at her lunch with Heather. I had been nothing but supportive of her and her continual discussions of her issues with Heather. It has never been and never will be a goal for me to get in “the middle” of any friendship.”
“And finally, at the point of the luncheon, I have only spoke to the ladies about one thing in my marriage — that I want more time with my husband. I am far from a “sad soul.” All marriages go through rough patches. I am not justifying that it is right to behave inappropriately, but it is a reality that couples argue and things are not always perfect. Resolution of conflicts and communication are factors that define a successful marriage. For better or worse, you are seeing an honest and authentic representation of my marital struggles with David and I hope that some of you can relate and improve upon your relationships as we do with ours.”

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