Sonja Morgan’s Bravo Salary Revealed! The Star Makes $426K From RHONY

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Sonja Morgan

According to the Examiner, Sonja Morgan, star of  “The Real Housewives of New York” makes about $426,500 from the reality TV show. As most viewers are witnessing, Sonja is encountering serious financial hardships. Court documents recently revealed:

“Morgan’s current annual gross earned income of $426,500 derived from her employment as a performer on the reality television program “The Real Housewives of New York”, as reported in her monthly operating reports filed with the Court.” 

Ex-wife of John Morgan (J.P. Morgan heir), appeared in a recent RHONY episode where she talked about not being in a position to afford hot water and her 1990’s Mercedes was falling apart. Her financial struggles are glaringly apparent this season. She’s tried to sell her townhouse but it has sat on the market for years. She recently managed to rent it out for $25,000 a month, which, should help to pay the taxes on the property until it can be sold.

Sonja was sued by Hannibal Pictures, when she didn’t fulfill her end of an agreement to fund a movie that was suppose to star John Travolta. The production company won a $7 million judgement against her which ultimately forced her into filing bankruptcy in 2010. Since then, the $7 million judgement has increased to $8.5 million due to interest rates and she has one year to come up with the money or else.

According to the site, RHONY salary negations are not going well, all the women can’t come to an agreement on what they are willing to accept.


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