RHOC News: Shannon & David Beador Divorcing?

Posted on Jun 16 2014 - 12:50pm by Avigail



Another Reality couple another Divorce!

Viewers have witnessed the tumultuous relationship between Shannon Beador and her husband David play out on our screens.  Now a new report reveals that the reality couple — who has been rumored to be on the brink of divorce before — may be preparing to break up for real this time!

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” had their doubts about the couples’ relationship since they first appeared this season. They are constantly bickering and fighting over what appears to be petty issues.

Well according to All Things Real Housewives, on tonight’s episode of the RHOC, it will be revealed that David is planning to move out and divorce is imminent. 

A source of ATRH reveals that tonight on RHOC, Shannon receives an e-mail from her husband David, telling her he’s moving out of the house. In a preview by Bravo, Shannon is shocked and emotional and says, “Divorce is NOT an option!”

Their source added, “Shannon insists she and David are still together despite what happened during filming. But the word around town is that they have split.”

Have the Beador’s been struck by the curse of reality television or was their breakup bound to happen regardless. 

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  • SAMRA1116

    Well if your marriage is already shitty why go on reality TV??? We know they didn’t divorce yet
    Maybe there is hope

  • Chloe

    Shannon is too quick to blame her husband for what she see as his shortcomings. David works all day, and provides handsomely for her and their children.It all comes down to Shannon’s admitted resentment of her husband. You can’t change anybody else’s behavior, but you can change your own.

  • Brad.

    This was a bad move she knew exactly what REALITY can do to a marriage. I feel bad for her, but he doesn’t love her. I’m sorry.

    • Hey Brad! Nice seeing you here.

      I agree with you. They both didn’t love each other. She talks to him like a child and he’s passive-aggressive towards her. Most saw this coming from the 1st episode.

      • Brad.

        Hey Seuss! Yes I totally agree with you. Neither loved the other. I did see it coming.

        • Yup….I think she’s a drunk and he likes boys.

          • DJ49

            Nope. He doesn’t like boys. He had an affair with another woman.

  • TartLemon

    Why would he want to stick around for the abuse? This marriage has had absolutely no onscreen chemistry since episode 1, scene 1 they appeared.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want to live with that shrew either.

    • Spot on!

      • TartLemon

        Dr Seuss, I want to tell you how much I appreciate this site. It takes a lot of devotion, dedication and patience. My attention span is not suited to this.

        Thanks again.

  • italiano bambino

    I haven’t been following this lady drama other then she’s Fucking annoying lol

    • TartLemon

      Everytime Shannon’s husband says anything, she hurls insults and vile remarks at him. I mean ANYthing. Even ‘good morning’ starts her up. IMO, when the cameras aren’t rolling, I get the impression Shannon is violent towards him, too. He dares to say a word to a guest, Shannon leaps in with insults.

      • italiano bambino

        Another hoof lol

  • Llaloba Solitaria

    This lady is confusing. She wants to be a greater part of her husband’s life, but she won’t wake up at the same hour to share some time. Isn’t he involved in freeway construction? Look at how hard the man works and how shabbily his wife, (and daughters) treat him. Shannon is a bored, confused person. She is sooo unhappy. She is such a b*tch to her husband 24/7. Perhaps Shannon should learn about what her husband works at every day because she certainly doesn’t, or hasn’t made a life for herself . What does she want?

  • RubyT

    no idea if any of it is true, but i like both shannon and david. i wish them well.

  • Happytree

    She’s a lovely lady who sees through idiots like Tamra and Heather. Wish her well