Married to Medicine Recap: Couples Retreat Gone Wrong [Episode 11]

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Tonight’s episode starts with Jackie and Curtis talking about the couples retreat. Curtis explains to Jackie he’ll missed the first day because of a prior business obligation.

Meanwhile, Mariah is working with a choreographer to prepare for a special cultural dance at an upcoming family wedding. Simone pays her a visit at the dance studio so the two can chat about the couples retreat. Simone plays intermediary and suggest Mariah and Quad meet and talk out their differences. To Mariah’s surprise,  Simone keeps making the suggestion that the former friends talk. Simone encourages Mariah to show up as a surprise when the couples are on their retreat. This can’t lead to anything good, seeing as how the ladies loathe Mariah at this point.


The couples arrive at a beautiful log cabin nestled in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. The rooms are first come, first serve, Jackie and Simone have a system to get the upstairs rooms. Sorry Heavenly — downstairs to the basement you go! Immediately, Simone shares with Heavenly and Toya that she’s extended Mariah an invitation. Both Heavenly and Toya don’t receive the news well, especially Toya. Toya and Simone start throwing shade back and forth. Apparently, Toya is still harboring ill feelings towards Simone since their first falling out and subsequent kiss-and-makeup. Heavenly, the self appointed peacemaker/relationship experttries to fix the situation. The irony! The race is on to the second cabin to get to the only other large bedroom. Toya and Eugene beat the other couples.

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Meanwhile,  Quad, Lisa, and Jackie head into downtown Blue Ridge to do some local shopping. While, back at the cabin there are some deep conversations taking place! Toya, Eugene, Greg, Heavenly, Simone, and Darren  are engaged in heated convo that gets all the rest of the gang talking — but at same time, some of them are getting in trouble! Greg says he may come up with a new clinical term this weekend for how he would describe the women after Eugene asks him to name the disorder he’d say each of the women have. The convo quickly shifted to trust issues and checking cell phones. Toya readily admitted to checking her hubby’s phone in search of unusual numbers. She admits to having trust issues.  Darren ends up sharing how he cheated for years on Lisa Nicole…but that he’s been faithful the last eight years.


Back at Mariah’s house, she’s testing out a new diet shake called Cinnamon Girl. Mariah makes protein drinks for Ayden and Mama Lucy. They love the first sample and talk about the launch party. Lucy thinks Mariah should invite all the ladies but Mariah is understandably apprehensive.

Now let’s get the party started! Flashback to the ’80s! While dressed in their 80’s best attire, the group share old photos, eat, dance, laugh and have a great bonding time. The couples are in nostalgia mode for the #FlashbackFriday party! Toya even broke out her scrapbook (first post-sex note included) – Tacky Toya strikes again! Quad is shocked that Toya is sharing the note from her hubby. That post-sex penned ode is a little too personal but Eugene and Toya laugh off the shade. They’re happy they saved the note, for posterity of course.

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Cecil and Simone share that they finally got together when she invited him over to “fix her waterbed.” All eyes on Damon and Heavenly! Damon explained that he loved Heavenly immediately because she was a cool chick — but Heavenly wants him to remind the group that she’s beautiful too. Toya and Eugene are intrigued by Quad’s story. They went shopping on their first date?

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SidebarQuad’s marriage looks like a totally sham. She seems more worried about the cameras and her clothes than her husband. She is constantly dropping designer names and can’t properly pronounce the labels.

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The couples put the music on and the party devolves into an old-school dance off. Simone sure knows how to bust a move, despite what the other ladies might say. They look like they’re having a blast, the only thing missing is Mariah and Ayden.

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Dr. J flashes back to ’80s with this funky ensemble! She is serving us some ‘Grease’ realness with that leather jacket.

Married to Medicine Photos - #Flashback- Married to Medicine Goes '80s.clipular

Meanwhile, back at home, Mariah and Ayden discuss the fallout with their friends and how everyone has seemingly taken Quad’s side. Mariah says the ladies are bonding with Quad because she’s blabbing to anyone that will listen her side of the argument while Mariah remains guarded. Mariah decides it’s time the other ladies hear her side of the argument and will join them on the couples retreat.

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode when the ladies’ mission to have a peaceful trip proves to be impossible when their drama follows them to Blue Ridge. Tempers flare once Quad learns that Simone secretly invited Mariah along. Mariah decides to embrace the outdoors and leaves her mark on the wilderness. Later an intense relationship exercise stirs up emotions for many of the couples, leaving Jackie in tears and bringing Quad and Greg’s marital issues to a head.


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