Kandi’s Wedding Recap: “You Got the Wrong One Now, Bitch!” [Episode 3]

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There’s 14 days until the wedding and Kandi and Todd visit their church to seek  pre-marriage counseling. The couple meet with Pastor Pollard. Pastor Pollard is more than qualified being married for 22 years and with Mama Joyce insistent meddling in their marriage, they need guidance. The couple go through an exercise where they tell each other what they like about the other. The pastor stress communication as the key component in the marriage. Mama Joyce is the biggest area of disagreement. “Communicate or you will disintegrate” is the takeaway message from the session.

Kandi's Wedding

Back home, Kandi and Todd prepare the guest bedroom for a visit from Todd’s mother, Sharon. Sharon is flying down from New York to visit her son and future daughter-in law to help finalize wedding plans. Todd is excited about his mom’s visit but Kandi has apprehensions since Mama Joyce is not too fond of Todd or his mother. MJ called Todd’s mother and father a pimp and a prostitute but Todd and his mom only know about half of that. Sharon arrives and is greeted by an overjoyed Todd. Todd shares in his TH, he’s an only child and he’s very close to his mom. Son and mom get acquainted and talk about Mama Joyce. 

Todd’s father passed away when he was 3-years old and he didn’t know him well. In addition, Todd was raised in New York not Atlanta,  Mama Joyce’s would NOT know anything about Todd’s father to warrant her slanderous statement. She crossed the line with her absurd commentary. I’m expecting Sharon to go into full out mama bear mode and protect her baby.

Mama Joyce is not the only one causing trouble for Kandi’s wedding. Kandi’s matron and maid of honor compete for their best friend’s affection, and the situation reaches a boiling point. Carmon and Tan have known Kandi for over 20 years and while both ladies love Kandi, they hate each other. Carmon and Tan join Kandi for what should have been a fun and peaceful event – cake testing, however, you could cut the tension with a knife. After the uncomfortable cake tasting, the trio meet for dress rehearsal with Reco Chapelle and butt heads again but that was just the crescendo to the big showdown.

Kandi Burruss Wedding

At a bridesmaid dinner, Tan and Carmon got into a shouting match when Tan told Carmon, she was disrespectful towards Mama Joyce and owed her an apology! Excuse me Tan? I don’t think the loud and uncouth Mama Joyce needs a mouth-piece to fight her battles, she does a good job of stirring the pot all by herself. Before the situation escalated into a full onslaught of brutal exchanges, the other bridesmaids through water on the fire. Kandi’s cousin was the most vocal of the group and told the ladies,”Y’all need to squash this sh*t. It’s Kandi’s day.” The other bridesmaids chimed in, echoing the same sentiment — they (Carmon and Tan) should not make it about them. 


The next night, Kandi prepares for a family dinner party. She wants her mom and her aunts to sit down with Todd and his mom. Kandi’s is doing her best to try and bring the families together. Kandi was reluctant but Todd thinks it’s very necessary for the families to move forward. The Geritol Gang arrives for dinner and the scowl on MJ’s face sets the temperament of the evening. Only one of the aunts actually likes Todd’s mother. While the other aunt, Bertha thinks Todd’s mother (Sharon) talks too much. I find aunt Bertha to be very much like Mama Joyce – messy!

Kandis Wedding Photos - Kandi and Todd's Personal Pics.clipular

As soon as the dinner starts, Mama Joyce starts making comments about not being allowed to spend the night at Kandi’s house. Basically comparing herself to Sharon. She wants to know why can Sharon stay over at Kandi’s house but she can’t. Starting trouble already. This conversation led to an explosive fight. And Todd’s mother was ready for the pit bull terrier’s attacks. She wasn’t going to ignore Joyce’s digs like everyone else – it’s about time someone stood up to Mama Joyce! 

Sharon has heard enough and warns Joyce “Stop threatening him. You set him up!” Mama Joyce admits to hiring a private investigator to follow Todd around to catch in a compromising situation with another woman.  

“I never threatened him! I did not set him up!” Mama Joyce frantically blurted out. She is adamant she did never hired anyone to set Todd up.  

This is where things went crazy — Mama Joyce starts pointing her finger in Sharon’s face. Sharon quickly snaps back with pushing MJ’s finger and calls her a bitch.




The grandma’s are separated — Todd takes his mother downstairs and Kandi and her aunts restrain a noticeably shaken Mama Joyce. Glad someone was able to dish it right back to MJ!

“I want to see my daughter happy but I don’t think Todd is the right man for her to be happy with,” MJ tells Kandi.

Mama Joyce can dish it but she can’t take it!” Says Todd,

Todd’s is my hero. She got up out of her seat and was prepared dish it right back to MJ. Later Todd was reflecting on the situation, rating the dinner a 7 out of 10 for his mom’s ability to stand her ground with Mama Joyce. Which was the real reason he wanted the family dinner to begin with!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode.


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