Married to Medicine Sneak Peek: Couples Retreat Gone Wrong [Episode 11]

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As the group’s long awaited couples retreat approaches, Simone encourages Mariah to make a surprise visit. The couples arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, eager for a break from the constant drama of Atlanta’s medical circle. Greg makes a controversial statement that upsets several of the wives, and a conversation about adultery leads to a shocking revelation about Darren and Lisa’s relationship.


During the #FlashbackFriday party the ladies share how they met their men – and Toya overshares about her and Eugene’s sex life.


Did Quad Webb-Lunceford’s husband reveal a little too much about how he feels about cheating at the couples’ retreat?


Simone warns Toya that she doesn’t want any bitch-to-bitch drama, but there’s a lot of shade between the two of them.


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