Saturday Funnies: Fraudellini Iza Goodz Fur Youses

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With allz my fans thats been at my Fraudellini signingz 
empty-inside-tre   empty-bar-2 with Tre


Joe andz Iz have decided to makes MORE of my Fraudellini for youses! Wez ares getting more helps.
                                       WORK FOR BANANAS or peanuts-1
juicy n jumping monkey gif


Joe andz mez wills be showings youses some exercises we dos to keep so healthy!
Tre n aerobics
pilates for wine luvers        


Joe sayz that Yogas helps him to deal with his stressful problems he’z gotz.
yoga wine-giff (2)


Soz youses needs to buy my Fraudellini and startz getting healthys!Youses will luv luv luv it.  Andz youses will provide jobs with exercising bonusez. Seez!


Puulleezz go outs andz buy my stuff.  It’z good fur youse.


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously* 

Teresa Giudice


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