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LA Hair Recap: ‘Lisa and The Ratcheteers’ [Episode 4]

LA Hair

The gang is back in Los Angeles and Leah is still steaming, stewing, seething and snapping at folks. So Kim has no choice but to run and tell on Leah to mama Jasmine. However, Kim only serves up a side dish to the story and Jasmine needs the meat. For that, she goes to Dontay. Now Jasmine has the full picture and knows her daughters’ latest powwow is over Kim’s seemingly rash decision to open a salon in Atlanta.

LA Hair

Watching Leah and Kim fight is like observing two three-year-old siblings arguing over a toy. You know what I mean.  Mine!   Stop looking at me or the “I’m-not-going-to-play-with-you-anymore” type of temper tantrums. Jasmine has gotten into the mix and I am just waiting for the belt or extension cord to come out of retirement but it doesn’t. Jasmine tricks her girls into joining her for dinner instead. The bickering continues. Kim thinks Leah will come to her senses right around the time she needs her roots colored, but Leah is a hard sell and ends up leaving the joint still pissed.

LA Hair

The next day starts out with a much softer and kinder Leah who tries to put together the steamer her little sister (Kim) ordered without authorization. Kim may be the boss but there is a budget to stick to.

Lisa, who has been pleading to deaf ears for a decent barber chair, brings in some big guns to prove her point. No, literally she brings in some big guns as in biceps and triceps. Her client Joe is a big brawny dude who renders China uncontrollably giddy and even causes Jasmine to rush out and give those arms a good once over with her hands. As Jasmine puts it (paraphrasing), “Lisa always has the best looking eye candy in her chair.”  Clearly, Joe must be a model in some bionic men calendar coming out next year.

Nevertheless, Lisa still needs a bigger chair, a better chair, one that can accommodate large chiseled Greek mythological-like frames such as Joe’s.  Feeling no one is taking her request seriously, Lisa talks the receptionist (China’s sister) into ordering one for her. Now, they should know you can’t go ordering things all willy-nilly, especially big costly items like furniture.

Anthony meets Angela for dinner and drinks and soon the pair is joined by Lisa and Dontay. Earlier, Naja made the mistake of calling Lisa a ratcheteer and the leader of the three ratcheteers. Of course, Lisa spews this out to an appalled Angela. Lisa has to do this. In order to enjoy her food she must first cleanse her palate of the bad taste left in her mouth by Naja.

LA Hair

Lisa’s chair arrives at the salon – C.O.D. and the question becomes who is going to pay for this non-approved piece of leather and chrome? Leah has an idea. Since the receptionist took it upon herself to order the chair at the behest of Lisa but without permission from Kim or Lisa, the payment should come from her paycheck. You won’t try that again will you China’s sister?

The next client to plop down in Lisa’s chair is Ray J and it don’t take Naja long to mosey on over to Lisa’s station and offer her services to the singer/TV star.  Is she trying to make Lisa run at her with scissors or clippers rather? Naturally, the whole “ratchet-gate” comes up and Naja tries to explain it away as a joke. A hit dog will holler won’t it?

 LA Hair

Ain’t nobody laughing or coming to Naja’s defense nor does Ray J accept her services. In fact, Ray J’s face clearly shouts Team Lisa as he gives Naja a glare sharper than a crew cut as she shuffles on back to her manicure station. Aww, that’s a shame.  It kind of makes you wonder though.  Lisa sure does seem to have quite a few clients at her ready to come to her aid and we’re not talking bozos off the street either. The other week, R&B and hip hop artist Akon got up in Anthony’s face to politely tell him to back off.  Get it Lisa!

LA Hair

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