Married to Medicine Recap: Quad Gets Slapped With A Reality Check [Episode 10]

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Tonight’s episode starts with Heavenly and her daughter discussing Lisa Nicole’s princess party from the night before. Little Ms. Thang checks her messy mama for causing a ruckus at the kids party! Heavenly thinks her daughter is wise beyond her years and so do I. Hellish Heavenly is determined to fight with Mariah this season and going up against the queen is a bad move.  Kind of like Jill Zarin deciding to start a fight with Bethany

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Dr’s Simone and Jackie meet. Simone is planning a date night for her and Cecil. Due to Simone’s constant “charting” things have been off the charts in the intimacy department and need some spicing up. Jackie agrees to babysit Simone’s two boys for the couple’s special night.

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Quad is presenting her doggie couture line to her investors. She is talking a mile a minute while looking very unprofessional. And she wonders why the investors seem unmoved by her ridiculous ostrich feather presentation. Quad wants her doggie couture line sold in Neiman Marcus. Ha, good luck with that one! To introduce her line, she tells the investors she wants to hold a doggie fashion show. Then she informs the gentlemen, she would like them to fund the show, to the tune of $30,000. The investors entertain her bullcrap and offer $25,000 but Quad won’t bargain, she wants the $30k or nothing. Now, I love dogs but spending $30,000 on a dog fashion show when there are poor people struggling to make ends meet is unconscionable.  Somebody needs a reality check STAT!

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Across town, Toya and her hubby Eugene get some really unfortunate news about the house they’re trying to buy.  The contract on the house is coming close to the deadline and the owners want an additional $10,000 to extend the contract or they will lose their $50,000 deposit. This issue is not new. Apparently, the bank is holding up the process. Toya and Eugene meet with an attorney in hopes of finding a loophole in the contract that will save their $50k down payment.  At lunch, the lawyer informs them, if they don’t produce the extra $10k, they will indeed lose their $50k down payment. Toya is shaken by the news and becomes emotional. Eugene on the other hand, handles the situation in class and continues to eat his lunch. Tacky Toya is so upset she can’t eat and tells their waiter “We just lost $50,000!”  As if the waiter cares. I knew they called her Tacky Toya for good reason.

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Lisa Nicole is planning a fashion show for her upcoming clothing  launch. She enlist the help of Cynthia Bailey from the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Initially, the models are a let down as they see model after model who just don’t make the cut. Then finally they find some models to represent the Lisa Nicole Collection. Sounds like another She by Sheree situation jumping off.


Toya is still reeling from the loss of the $50,000 as she drives her boys to school. After she drops the kiddos off, she calls Eugene to tell him that another mom has to move because her NBA hubby got traded to another team. She says it’s a rent-to-own property but has no idea what rent-to-own means. Toya immediately thinks, I want their house and does a drive by. Toya falls in love immediately, even though she hasn’t seen the inside of the house. No surprise there! TT thinks she found the solution to their home problem but another house doesn’t change the issue with their loan. Perhaps, if Toya got a damn job to show a two income family model to the bank, they wouldn’t have such a hard time trailing the money. Toya is so delusional and will send Eugene to the poor house very soon.

married-to-medicine-season-1-house-tour-toya-01This is Toya’s current house that’s not good enough

Next, Quad and her hubby, Gregory argue over her treating her dogs like humans, specifically like her kids. I’ve never seen the mild mannered Dr. Gregory raise his voice before and to see him this upset leads me to believe he’s been harboring resentment.  Gregory explodes on Quad, letting her know that most people don’t have the time to buy their dogs frou-frou outfits, because they are too busy making a living, or making ends meet. He tries to bring her back to reality and remind her where she came from. Gregory is pissed that Quad has changed. In response, Quad has the audacity to question his charitable work in the community. Quad is noticeably embarrassed and tries to save face by showing him her doggie pitch. Gregory is not impressed and takes a jab at Reco Chappelle’s career for creating the line. Go Gregory! Quad is acting BRAND NEW!!! She forgot where she came from. Quad has decided not to give her husband babies and replaced babies with her puppies. That’s wrong!

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On to Simone and Cecil’s date night. Cecil arrives at the golf course for his date with Simone. Jackie takes the boys and leave the couple alone to enjoy their night. Jackie gets them home and struggles to keep them entertained and fed. The boys are hungry and Jackie doesn’t keep her house stocked with food. Dr. J is overwhelmed and can’t wait for the parents to come get their kids and they better hurry because Jackie is thinking of giving them Benadryl. Lol!

Simone asks Cecil what can she do to get their romance back on par. Cecil tells her that while he understands her need to chart, she needs to stop bringing the work home everyday. Men are not difficult creatures. Time and attention! He said he doesn’t need all that extra stuff. Simone agrees and commits to making the changes. Simone is truly focused on getting her marriage back on track!


Noticeably missing from this episode was Mariah and her family. They were shown for a hot second then poof, disappeared for the remainder of the episode. Nevertheless, she looked gorg and she’s still the queen bee!

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode as the group’s long awaited couples retreat approaches, Simone encourages Mariah to make a surprise visit. The couples arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, eager for a break from the constant drama of Atlanta’s medical circle. Gregory makes a controversial statement that upsets several of the wives, and a conversation about adultery leads to a shocking revelation about Darren and Lisa’s relationship.


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