Kandi’s Wedding Recap: Lions, Tigers And Restraining Orders [Episode 2]

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Kandi's Wedding

Last night’s episode of “Kandi’s Wedding” opens with Kandi’s wedding planning team, who have seemingly recovered from Carmon’s emotional exit. Carmon is still MIA and it’s not clear whether she plans to rejoin the team or will just be Kandi’s bff. The wedding is happening in 28 days and the clock is ticking, they don’t have a venue, invitations have not been sent, no menu plan — no nothing! Kandi and Todd have decided on a “Coming to America” theme, complete with animals, dancers and the works. 

Speaking of dancers, Kandi holds auditions for African dancers for the wedding. After a grueling elimination process of half naked men and women gyrating their middle section to the pulsating beat of African drums, Kandi decides on male and female dancers. Don Juan sums up the audition best “A 100 people gyrating, grinding, twerking at a wedding, doesn’t seem like any wedding I’ve ever seen but we’re ‘Coming to America’ with Kandi Burruss.”

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Later, Kandi and her dad, Pastor Titus Burruss meet for lunch. I must say, Mr. Burruss is one good looking older man. Well groomed with every hair neatly in place. I noticed that Kandi doesn’t look like her mom or dad. Strange! Kandi’s dad make some startling revelations about Mama Joyce. Who am I kidding, the revelations were not that startling at all. He says her mom kept him from seeing her as a child. He claims Joyce’s sisters lied on him and said he cheated, changed the locks on his home and Joyce got a restraining order against him preventing him from seeing her. Kandi becomes overwhelmed with emotion and starts to cry. She asks her dad to officiate the wedding and happily agrees. Shame on Mama Joyce! MJ is Kandi’s worst nightmare. If Joyce could maliciously hurt her own child, no one is off limits.

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Kandi still does not have a venue for her wedding. One venue she has in mind looks like a warehouse in an industrial district. Classy! Kandi is optimistic but Todd and the wedding planning crew think otherwise. It’s obvious this wedding is being thrown together haphazardly for the sake of production schedule. Todd express his doubts about the location as well.

Kandi finally tells Todd about Mama Joyce’s accusations about his parents  — he was raised by a pimp and prostitute. Todd is furious! He’s ready to confront MJ and warns Kandi that it’s time to confront her mother but all Kandi heard was the “warning” part of his statement. And goes on the defense and tells Todd not to talk bad about her mother. Kandi doesn’t want to disrespect her mother but her mama disrespects her every chance she gets! The sentiment behind Todd’s fury is missed by Kandi. It went right over her head. MJ is getting crazier by the minute, it’s about time Todd started sticking up for himself, since Kandi just brushes it off. 

Kandi's Wedding

Next, Todd is being fitted for his wedding tux and his father-in-law pops up. The two men have a heart-to-heart about Mama Joyce and her nasty accusations against Todd. Todd wants advice on how to  move past the obstacles despite her behavior. The Pastor gives Todd the best advice  – do nothing — Joyce is hurting herself with her actions.

Joyce likes contention even when she knows better. She tried to get a black dress to wear to the wedding because she said it felt like a funeral anyway.

Finally, Todd and Kandi confront Mama Joyce.  And the first thing she asked when she saw a picture of the venue was “who’s paying for it?”  Todd calmly explains to his wicked future mother-in-law that his dad died when he was three and he barely knew him so there was no way she did. MJ smirked, dismissed his feelings and was completely unsympathetic. There is no reasoning with crazy. MJ is sooooo wrong!!! And Kandi is equally as wrong for allowing MJ to speak to Todd like that!!!

“Kandi’s Wedding,” scored big ratings on it’s premier last Sunday. Roughly 2.4 million viewers tuned in to watch Kandi and Todd plan their wedding along with the ratchet antics of Mama Joyce.

Stay tuned for next weeks episode. With only two weeks left until they exchange vows, Todd’s mother Sharon is scheduled to arrive from New York and the timing couldn’t be better for marital advice, as Sharon is understandably upset over MJ’s wild accusations towards her son. Tensions rise as Kandi and Todd debate whether having their mothers meet each other before the wedding is a good idea. Meanwhile, as the Matron and Maid of Honor compete for their best friend’s affection, the situation reaches a boiling point.


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