Kandi’s Wedding Sneak Peek: “Blessings and Dressings” [Episode 2]

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wap-kandis-wedding-season-1-who-took-out-a-restraining-order (1)

Kandi’s wedding planning team recovers from Carmon’s emotional exit, but it’s not clear if Kandi and Todd can recover from Mama Joyce referring to Todd’s deceased father as a “pimp.”

Kandi meets with her father and asks him to officiate her wedding, but gets more than she bargained for when he dredges up family issues from the past.

In an emotional sit down with Mama Joyce, will Todd be able to stand up for himself?

Things get heated when Mama Joyce sits down with Todd and Kandi. “You don’t talk to me!”


Some shocking events from Kandi’s past are revealed during a lunch date with her dad. Joyce and her sisters kept Kandi’s dad from seeing Kandi as a child. They told lies about him cheating and changed the locks on his home. These revelations are very telling into Joyce’s sabotaging behaviors towards Kandi and Todd’s relationship.


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