[VIDEO] Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Sneak Peek: “Will The Truth Burn Or Can Tanisha Take The Heat” [Episode 2]

Posted on Jun 6 2014 - 4:48pm by Editor


The couples of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” return tonight. Tensions rise between couples as they face the Ring of Fire and their most difficult relationship issues.

Tune in to “Marriage Boot: Camp Reality Stars” every Friday at 9|8c.


Tanisha and Clive have a reality that the other boot campers have trouble understanding.


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  • Birdie11

    This show looks stupid, trashy and like a waste of time. That being said, I’m going to give it a looksie tonight!! 😀 I might inadvertently barf when I see Gretchen and Slimey again.

  • Thank goodness, Tanisha told Gretchen to mind her own business. She’s too ridiculous!

    • Birdie11

      I’m gonna watch this dumb show for you Suessie!!

      • You’re such a team player! ♥ Thank you!!!

    • Raine Woman

      Hiya Doc!

      Gretchen and Slade are a hot, phony mess.
      I’m back to being scared of Tanisha. HA!
      Jenni and Roger are never gonna make it.
      Trista and Ryan either have a deep dark secret or they just need the ca$h.
      I have no read on Traci and her husband.

      I can’t believe I watched this. I blame you! 🙂

      • Birdie11

        You and me both Raine!

        • Raine Woman

          Hi Birdie! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s watching this train wreck with Doc.

      • I sawree, Raine Lady….guuurl, this show is ratchet! And Tanisha is scary as hell. Gretchen and Slade’s relationship is fake, they’re only there for a check.

        • Raine Woman

          Morning, Doc! Why did it seem like Traci’s husband was hearing about her cheating for the first time? This fact never came up before they joined the show?

          Doc, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it!

          • Morning Raine! *waving*

            I noticed that and thought it was odd but I find them both to kinda of weird.

            Thank you Raine Lady….hope you have a nice relaxing weekend also!:-)

        • Birdie11

          Why would she be with him so long?? It can’t be all fake…although their shtick probably is.

          • Yes, I think you’re right Birdie. Not the entire relationship is fake but it is one of business convenience.

            Happy Saturday sweet Birdie! 🙂

  • Birdie11

    This show is dumb, and I don’t know who these crazy people are. Gretchen and Slade…holy YUCK!! Nice to see Tanisha tell horsie face to put a muzzle on it. The best part was the doc nailing Trigger to the wall with ELEMENTARY therapy. You want children and financial security and you chose someone who could do NEITHER?? Help me understand this…BWAHAHAHA…DUHHH!. Keep pissing away those child bearing years Gretch.

    • Norrth

      This is exactly what makes me question Gretchen’s claims of wanting children. Either have kids with the loser now or move on. I don’t buy that she’s so conflicted and is torn between a future with Slade or moving on.

      • RonnieIsBack

        True why want children with someone who already had the nutz snipped. Kray kray…I was glad they put it out there that he voluntarrily did not want anymore children..either get some rent a sperm or move on…if it is reversed all Slade has now is dust…

  • RonnieIsBack

    Loving it!!! glad yall recapping it. Tanisha is off the chain…and her hearing impaired husband is not slouch either..he really lets her have it…I think Gretchen is gonna get her azz kicked…Slade looks lost and Tracy and her biker husband just gets drunk LOLOLOLOLZ.

  • RonnieIsBack

    and for Tanisha’s husband not to hear much, he sure can cuss like a muthaphucka! LOL