Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview Recap: Felons, Fakes, And Frenemies

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RHONJ Season 6

I’ve finally gotten around to watching the half-hour preview special of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Bravo ran it again last night and this time I DVR’d it. 

The episode begins with Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal drama and Teresa is doing what she does best — lying her ass off! Teresa says, it’s sad people have to judge and gossip about what she does. Um, excuse me, isn’t that what you’ve done for the past five seasons? Teresa insists to Melissa that the charges are not true but we already know they are true because she pled guilty to them in court. Later Joe says he may be going “on vacation.”  Going on vacation, not like you and I do but to that luxury federal resort where men try not to drop the soap!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Not much has changed, Teresa is still delusional as hell. She seems to think everyone is going through what she’s going through. “Ya know what stinks, is that other people are probably going through the same thing, but people know who I am, so I’m being judged,” she tells Dina Manzo. This loathsome woman really thinks all Americans live beyond their means, run up credit card debt, defraud banks then turn around and file fraudulent bankruptcies. Um, NO! Teresa also says that people come up to her (all the time) and tell her, they wish the worse for her and Joe. Good! I’m glad people are not comforting this crook. Teresa really thought she could defraud banks out of $5 million and her “fans” would continue to support her? She complains that they’re paying high legal fees and because of that, they don’t have enough money to put away for her girls college. As if putting away for the girls college was ever on the agenda.

Dina “Zen” Manzo is back after being fired during season two. For more details on Dina’s firing read hereDina and her hubby, Tommy Manzo, are going through a divorce, she’s dating again and her daughter Lexi is going off to college. From the start, Dina proclaims “The bitch is back and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass!” Well Dina, I don’t like it and I ain’t kissing your ass!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Dina’s storyline in season six is to be Teresa Giudice’s best friend. “With the legal situation going on, you bet your ass, I will be by her side every step of the way,” Dina says of Teresa’s legal drama. Dina is seen listening to Teresa as she tells her lies tales while she plays the dutiful friend holding her hand. Gag me with a spoon! Dina “Zen” Manzo is going through a divorce and needs the cash, that’s the main reason she’s back.  Period!

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Moving on, Melissa Gorga and Teresa have made up for the show. Last season, viewers complained of the contentious family feud, so Bravo has put an end to that for season six. Melissa and Joey have moved from their Montville mansion and are now living in a Franklin Lakes rental while they build their dream home. They couple have invested a large portion of their money in a garbage disposal business.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Melissa’s friend, Amber Marchese, is introduced. She’s in remission from breast cancer and the two are getting reacquainted after not seeing each other since Melissa got married. Amber is snarky as she confronts Melissa about not reaching out to her during her cancer. Amber is a certified Jersey Italian firecracker Amber is married to Jim, a mortgage broker and has four kids (two step kids and two with Jim). She’s good friends with the Napolitano twins, Nicole and Teresa. And from the previews that friendship quickly dissolves into caddy name calling, trash talking and hair pulling. 


Speaking of  Nicole and Teresa. These two b*tches are reality TV gold! The identical twin sisters are briiiiiiing it! Crass, loud, rude, Jersey Shore meets Mob Wives are just a few descriptors to identify these sisters. They are off-the-chain! 

Teresa and Nicole are best friends. The sisters had me in the opening scene when Teresa walks into the party and they start to make fun of her. That’s my kind of caddy — LMAO! Amber is also spreading rumors that Joe Gorga was engaged to someone else when he started dating Melissa.

Teresa A. first married her husband Rino in 1991, divorced him, and then got married again after 11 years apart. She helps her husband run their successful restaurants in New York. While, Nicole is the mom of two teens and has a new career in private aviation.

This season there seems to be a strong emphasis placed on the Italian-American culture. A lot of stereotypes are mocked and these women do very little to disprove the negative categorizations.

There’s also beef between Joey Gorga and Amber’s husband, Jim Marchese. Jim cooperated with the prosecutor’s office in a whistleblowers case and Joe and Jim get into a heated argument because of it. Tensions erupt at a house party resulting in  Joey Gorga kicking Jim out!

Kathy Wakile is back in a limited capacity. Teresa undermines Kathy’s dessert business when she reveals to Kathy that she also plans to debut a dessert line. Previously, Teresa criticized Kathy’s cannoli venture as a bad business choice because “desserts don’t do well.” Is anyone surprised that Teresa is undermining Kathy’s dessert business? Teresa is an envious woman who hates to see others doing better than she is. She’s obviously jealous of Kathy’s cannoli business and wants to cut into her money by putting out her own dessert line. How do you spell bitch — T-E-R-E-S-A!

Based on this 30-minute preview, I am excited for the new season to start! Oy vey!

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 6 will premiere Sunday, July 13 at 8p.m. EST.


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