Dina Manzo Reveals She’s A Witch Who Does Naked Rituals!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey” is back with state of the-art psychopaths, trumped up drama and more animal print!

Over the last five years, since her time on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Dina Manzo has focused on raising her daughter Lexi, running her charity “Project Ladybug,” and delving her faux spiritual side, which she has admitted to helping her grow.

Zen Dina spoke with The Dish about her “religion,” or lack there of. Jenni Pulos interviewed Zen Dina while on the set of Summer by Bravo. And what Ms. “I’m so spiritual” had to share may surprise you.

“I actually do magic—I’m a white witch,” she reveals. “I’m not Wiccan or anything crazy. I do rituals with the sun and the moon and the seasons.”

Dina continued with:

“I’m usually naked. And I do it at night. And depending on where the sun and the stars are and everything, you do different rituals to bring on good things. You never use it to do bad, so even if anyone is annoying me really bad, I can’t use the magic for bad.”

Dina says she loves to be outside with nature.

“Everything’s out there…Your feet are in the ground. And the energy is all around and nothing is obstructing.”

VIDEO: Watch Dina Manzo open up about her spirituality below.


If you believe this bullsh*t I have a bridge for sale!


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