Hollywood Exes Recap: “Black And White Don’t Mix” [Episode 5]

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Hollywood Exes

Tonight’s episode begins with Drea and Sheree wedding cake shopping — raspberry, salty caramel, chocolate and lemon — yum! They talk bridesmaids, Drea says Mayate, Sheree and Nicole will her bridesmaids, she’s still getting to know Shamicka and she’s not close with Jessica. Speaking of Jessica, Sheree brings up the infamous “black girls and white girls don’t mix” text message. Drea’s mouth drops open, takes off her shoe and is ready to whoop that ass!

Mayte invites Sheree and Shana over for moral support as she learns the result of her pregnancy test. Mayate and her new boyfriend Humberto have been actively trying to make a baby. Mayte disregards the camera man filming and sits on the toilet bowl and urinates to administer her pregnancy test. That’s a reality TV TMI moment — Yuck! Then the ladies talk #textgate and they all agree Jessica says things without thinking. Mayte’s pregnancy test is negative and she breaths a sigh of relief. Sheree says in her TH, she’s happy the test was negative. I know these ladies aren’t young but why are they in such a rush for babies and marriage? If Humberto was sane, he would run. Mayte is not stable, she’s child constantly in a state of temper tantrums. 


Brian and Drea are back in Chicago and having lunch with Brian’s mother, Lorraine. Drea ask Brian’s mom would she like to be a grandmother again. Without cracking an ounce of emotion, Lorraine bluntly responds “NO!” Lorraine tells Drea if she gets bored she should buy another puppy. This woman is cold as ice. Her son is equally as cold,  he delights in his mother’s support and breaks out in a  Jerry Springer “you are not the father” shuffle at the table. Clearly, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Lorraine continues with, a baby does not fit their lifestyles right now blah blah blah. Throughout the conversation, Lorraine was giving Drea major red flags. Unfortunately for Drea, she’s blind to all them. 


Mayte visits a fertility doctor to check the pipes. Mayte is concerned because her mother went through menopause at 40. The doctor reassures her she has plenty of eggs and won’t go through early menopause like her mom. Music to Mayte’s ears. Oy vey!


Sheree and Nicole go shopping and #textgate is brought up again. Sheree reads Jessica’s comments out loud. Nicole is shocked and disappointed because she considers Jessica a close friend. She wants to talk to Jessica to get her side of the story. They agree they all should confront Jessica

Nicole, Sheree and Mayte meet with Jessica to hash out #textgate. Jessica sits down and immediately she starts to play victim. Jessica exclaims she’s the least racist person and she’s pissed off. The only excuse Jessica offers is, the text message were taken out of context and she was venting after being heckled by African-American girls while on a date with Austin. After Jessica refused to take ownership for her words, Sheree reaches her boiling point and an argument erupts. Sheree reads Jessica like the Bible on Sunday at church. Hallelujah! Jessica then storms off saying “black and white don’t mix.” Bad move Jessica


Hollywood Exes

Brian and Drea meet with Sheree and her pastor husband Terrell for pre-marriage counseling. The main topic of discussion is, Drea and Brian having a baby. Brian says he doesn’t have time for a baby, blaming his busy career as the reason. Drea becomes extremely emotional when discussing raising her children on her own and basically being a single mother. She wants another baby but not if it means raising the child alone like she did in her previous marriage. Terrell tells Brian to reassure Drea he will never abandon her. Seeing Drea so in love with Brian and knowing that he’s a supposed gigolo, makes this scene extra heartbreaking.


Shanna hosts a tattoo party and invites the ladies minus Jessica. Shamicka is still in the dark about #textgate and Sheree fills her in about Jessica’s “hoodrat” remark. Naturally, Shamicka is enraged and wants to confront JessicaShanna offers Sheree alcohol to ease the pain while getting inked and the “good stuff” (as Sheree calls it) works like truth serum! Sheree is spilling the tea and telling the ladies what’s on her mind. Her alter-ego, “ReeRee” comes out to play and the pastor’s wife is turned up! 

turnt-up-1401910796 (2)

She tells Shamicka that Martin Lawrence was not cute and asked Shanna how she went from Oscar De La Hoya to Travis Barker.

Martin-Not-Cute-1401910808 (1)

But when it came to Mayte she told her her ex was the prettiest man of the bunch. And she said would give it up to him right then and there. She also revealed that her ex Will Smith was big Willie and knew how to put those moves down.


Get a few drinks in the church lady and the pastor’s wife turns up times ten! 


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