Nene Leakes Says Her Friendship With Cynthia Bailey Is Done! Confirms All The Ladies Returning Next Season

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I guess the saying ‘time heals all wounds’ doesn’t apply to every situation. Following an emotional “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion, viewers witnessed the demise of a friendship between Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. And it looks like time has not healed old wounds, according to Nene her friendship with Cynthia is Done Dolla — Fineto — Finish!

NeNe told Hollywood Life the following in regards to reconciling with Cynthia:

“To be quite frank, I have no desire to speak to Cynthia. I have no desires to be friends with her or even have a conversation with her. Really, I don’t.  I wish her all the best, I just feel like we’re done.”

When asked about Kenya Moore:

“I think I was very clear at the reunion show and everywhere else that I have no desires to be friends with Kenya!” 

Is she team Porsha or team Kenya in regards to the reunion altercation and will Porsha be fired?

“In the Porsha [and] Kenya fiasco, I feel like they both were wrong. I feel like Porsha was provoked. She may not have been right in her actions, but she was provoked.”
“I think that Kenya’s great for the show. If they’re looking for the dark side, they’re looking for negativity, fighting, provoking, delusionalness, if that’s what they’re looking for, she’s 100 percent excellent for the show.”
“I doubt very seriously Porsha will be fired”

In regards to who’s returning next season:

“All the girls are good to go for another season”


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