Little Women LA Recap: The “M” Word [Episode 1]

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With just watching one episode, I’m already hooked on Lifetime’s new reality show, Little Women: LA!

This reality show is about a cast of ”little people.” All I know, they are more entertaining than a lot of regular height folks.

The main Characters are Briana, Christy, Elana, Terra, Traci and TonyaBriana who’s recently divorced, dated Todd, also a ”little person” for a short period. When they broke up he started dating Christy.

In the first episode, Briana decides to throw herself a divorce party. Everyone is invited and welcomed to bring a date. But before her party, Elana, the tallest of all the little women, Russian born and a model, is married to a tall guy of six feet, Preston. They decide to introduce her to one of Preston’s friends, another tall dark and handsome 6’2″ man.

All four meet for dinner. Christy is introduced to Brandon and they hit it off, so it seems. So she invites him to her divorce party and he accepts. Everyone shows up at the party but there is some animosity between Christy and Briana. A short moment of awkwardness when Briana has to say ”hello” to Todd because, as I mentioned, they dated for a short period.

Briana is antsy and can’t wait for Brandon to show up so she can show him off and parade him in Todd and Christy’s face. Finally, Brandon shows up and is introduced to everyone. Todd stares at the guy in disbelief and Christy just rolls her eyes with jealousy. But low and behold later in the evening after a few drinks Todd, corners Briana by herself in a remote part of the backyard party when Brandon and Christy aren’t looking and says how much he still likes her and starts to hug up on her. Christy spots them and starts screaming out “Todd…Todd….Todd come on, it’s time to GO!” Briana looks uncomfortable and Todd walks away.

In the meantime where did Brandon, Briana’s date go off to you ask? Well I’ll tell you, he’s in the middle of the party openly and unashamedly flirting with with Tonya’s daughter! Yes! He’s telling her out loud in front everyone ”Hey, girl you are fine, what’s your name? I want to take you out one day if you don’t mind.”  Briana spots him and hears the whole conversation. Sheese…… she just shrugs it off, doesn’t make a scene and decides right then and there Brandon obviously is NOT THE ONE FOR HER!

As for Christy and Todd, Christy gets Todd to the car and READS him to the core for hugging Briana. He pleads and apologizes to her, all is forgiven, they kiss and make up, get in the car together and leave the party.

As for the other characters, Traci is engaged to Erik, also a little person. She’s a very modest Christian woman and doesn’t like to party and drink as much as the others and is constantly criticized by Christy to ”loosen up.”

In next weeks episode they get into it with Traci dis-invites Christy from her wedding.

Very juicy stuff and, oh did I mention that Terra is a famous Britney Spears impersonator.. YES….. YES!! Also in next weeks episode Terra’s husband gets tipsy at aan event and openly flirts with Elana the model.


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