[VIDEO] Joe Giudice Appeared in Court Yesterday For DMV Identity Fraud Charges — Judge Issues New Trial Date

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Convicted felon and househusband of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Joe Giudice’s DMV trial is on again. 

Joe Giudice appeared in Superior Court of Paterson on Monday for a status hearing in his DMV false identification case. Yesterday the judge set a new date of July 14th for a pretrial hearing.

The court alleges, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice presented false identification to obtain a driver’s license while his license was suspended because of a drunk driving conviction.

Joe’s state charges are entirely separate from his federal fraud charges.

In the state case, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice is charged with presenting false identification to obtain a driver’s license. He boldly walked into a DMV office, presented false identification of Pete Giudice (his brother) to fraudulently obtain a driver’s license while his own license was suspended because of a drunk driving conviction.

For clarification, the actual trial will not start on July 14. The July 14th date is only a pretrial hearing to determine whether or not a plea agreement can be worked out, if not, an official trial date will be determined at that time.


Miles Feinstein, Joe’s attorney is also working on a major murder trial that may delay Joe’s state case pushing an actual trial date further into the year.

Giudice is scheduled to be sentenced in the federal fraud case on July 8th, approximately 34 days from today. Joe and his accomplice wife, Teresa Giudice pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud banks and other lenders by submitting false documents in connection with nearly $5 million in mortgages and other loans. Joe is looking at 37 to 46 months in federal prison on that conviction.

Sentencing in the federal case will definitely impact sentencing in his state case. The judge will take into consideration Giuseppe’s criminal history and a federal conviction on his record will not reflect well.

If convicted on the state charges, Joe could face up to 10 years in prison.


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