LeAnn Rimes Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth AGAIN!

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I swear LeAnn Rimes suffers from “asshole-itis” and “foot in the mouth” disease. The woman lacks emotional maturity to know when to zip it!

It seems she takes every opportunity to take a jab at Brandi Glanville when possible. I wonder why a 31-year old woman always feels compelled to respond to strangers on Twitter?!? I find it strange LeAnn is so deeply afflicted by the words of strangers?

A fan tweeted that LeAnn’s critics might be less harsh if she wasn’t constantly talking about the Brandi’s sons, LeAnn once again could not restrain herself and seized the moment to take a dig at Glanville.

The fan tweeted:

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi


LeAnn responded with the following unwarranted and “childish” response…the irony!

Twitter - leannrimes- @VeryPROUDAuntie No! They are ....clipular 

Brandi paid the unwarranted “childish” dig no mind and celebrated her son’s birthday. She surprisingly rose above the drama!


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