Married to Medicine Recap: ‘Queen of Shade’ [Episode 9]

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Last night’s episode of Married to Medicine begins with Dr. Heavenly and her daughter discussing Lisa Nicole’s upcoming princess party. Heavenly’s daughter is not interested in going or trying on dresses. The child has more sense than the mama!

In between clients, Dr.’s Jackie and Simone take a break for a quick lunch. Naturally, they talk about the Mariah and Quad’s broken friendship. Simone is optimistic but Jackie not so much. They both agree that Heavenly and her “submissive wife” concept is a bunch of bullsh*t! 


Across town, Quad and Reco meet. Obviously, Mariah is the topic at hand. Reco tells Quad how horrible of a person Mariah is. Quad feels had she been there, she could have maintained Reco’s cool. Oh Please! Quad  is just as hostile.

Next, Dr. Jackie has a meeting with two members of her staff and is getting raked over the coals. Dr. J is behind on her clerical work. Her office manager is very rude and condensing. She literally talks down to Dr. Jackie, her boss. Tensions build and Dr. J bails on them. She abruptly asks the ladies for a little break and as soon as they leave, she grabs her belongings and make a beeline for the door. She’s stressed out and needs a break. The non-stop working is taking a toll on her. She jumps in her car and speeds out of the parking lot. She arrives home and her hubby shares his concerns about her workload affecting  her health. He then reiterates having a baby right now is not rational with her hectic work schedule.

Reco pays Quad a visit. First thing he announces is he has some TEA to share and pours himself a big drank! Reco says two burly officers served him with a restraining order from LaKeisha Mariah Huq. These two claim Mariah is not the queen bee but they can’t keep her name out of their mouths. The real shade is the physical description of Reco in the restraining order — cone head and a massive overbite! Now Reco wants Quad to rally the other ladies to side with him. As if he didn’t act like a complete fool — there’s video proof of it. He decided to “put on a show” on his own — don’t pull anyone else into your mess. Girl Bye!


Now it’s time for the pomp and circumstance shenanigans of Lisa Nicole’s princess party. Toya arrives first with her little princes in tow. They are so adorable — “a cape makes a man!” Heavenly and Dwight head out to see Lisa Nicole and her royal brood’s big arrival. Dwight is sporting a Mad Hatter look. 


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Lisa Nicole’s over-the-top affair, reminds me of another person in Atlanta who’s friends with Dwight. Ridiculous parties must be a trend in Atlanta. Horses deliver Lisa Nicole’s royal family — thoroughbred, white Arabian horses only please. Lisa Nicole says she’s always wanted to have a princess party — so her daughter’s birthday was the perfect excuse to make her dreams come true. “I am living vicariously through Amira.” *Eyeroll*

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The party is underway, Lisa Nicole and Dr. Darren wanted to honor the princesses so they would know they should be treated like princesses their entire life.

When Mariah was ready to push through, she brought an entourage — including a few hired hands to sprinkle rose petals at her family’s feet, because when she hears royalty, she thinks “Coming to America.”  I died with Mariah’s royal family entrance but no one was pushing through during the etiquette presentation — Lisa Nicole placed her guard dog Dwight on the door.  Lisa Nicole wasn’t letting anyone interrupt her “princess” party. After waiting for the faux pas to pass, Mariah was allowed to come in but she still managed to make an entrance, by breaking a few things on the way in. 

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Simone pulls Mariah aside to tell her that she’s not invited on the couple’s trip. But Mariah feels like this a Florida situation — your votes don’t count. Heavenly pops into the conversation and gives Mariah the tea she was going to spill if she had come to the dinner — which included telling Mariah that she has some work to do on being a good friend. According to Heavenly, Mariah “knows she’s not a good friend. I don’t know why we gotta play this game. For her to walk off and act like she’s just appalled that I said that — that’s just some bull swiss.”

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Mariah tells her sister, Lake about the vote, and tries to take her sister’s advice to just not give it breath. Heavenly comes up to try to continue the conversation, and Lake boxes Heavy’s ass out. Mariah doesn’t want to mess up the baby’s party, and neither does her husband Aydin. However,  Heavenly is not letting it go, she is determined to keep the argument going. 

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Once the ladies sit down, Miss Lucy makes a point to rebuke the spirits that are at the party. She binds them in the name of Jesus! Miss Lucy didn’t name spirits, but she was looking in Dr. Heavenly’s direction. Mariah gives her approval of the godly healing. Amen!

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Heavenly says in her TH, “you can’t blame Mariah for being crazy when you have a mama like Lucy,” then she attempts to apologize. Heavenly appreciates everything that Mariah has done for her. Lake is not feeling Heavenly’s apology.

Toya was shocked to see that Miss Lucy was laying hands and not purses, but she was just glad she wasn’t in her wrath. Toya wasn’t having the discussion of the votes from Heavenly’s dinner party, and Simone accused her of backpedaling about the couple’s trips plans.

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Stay tuned for next’s week episode. Simone enlists Jackie’s help in a scheme to resuscitate her flatlining love life. While Simone springs a romantic surprise on Cecil, Jackie’s babysitting skills are pushed to the limit when Simone’s kids wreak havoc on the house. Meanwhile, Quad’s business venture leads to a heated argument with her husband that threatens their relationship. Toya and Eugene encounter an unexpected financial problem.


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