Kandi’s Wedding Recap: “Todd Was Raised By A Pimp And A Prostitute” [Episode 1]

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Last night was the premiere episode of Kandi Burruss’ wedding spin-off show. After a tumultuous engagement, Kandi and Todd  have finally picked a wedding date!

The episode starts off with Todd cooking breakfast for his bride-to-be and serves her in bed. Awww….how sweet. The couple discuss the plans for their upcoming nuptials which is only five weeks away! Thank heavens Kandi is sporting a neatly coiffed  black hairdo instead of that horrid Ronald McDonald red hair. Kandi looks 100% better with black hair than the other clown colors she often likes to wear. Since the couple met in Africa, they decide on an African themed “Coming to America” wedding.

Kandi's Wedding

The always penny pinching Kandi decides she won’t waste money on a wedding planner, instead Kandi rallies her team to help plan her “Coming to America” wedding equipped with lions and tigers. The troops express doubts about pulling off such an extravagant wedding in such little time. 

Kandi's Wedding

Carmon, Kandi’s assistant and best friend of 20 years is especially reluctant. She makes it clear she’s not a wedding planner and is still hurt over Mama Joyce accusing her of sleeping with Todd and threatening to f*ck her up! I do see Carmon’s point.

Kandi's Wedding

Kandi meets with her wedding gown designer, Reco Chapple along with Tan, her girlfriend and her stylist, Kwame. Reco also appears on “Married to Medicine.” Bravo must have him on retainer. Kandi and two of her bridesmaids meet Reco at his boutique House of Chapple. Reco agrees to create the dress under the strenuous time restraints and offers the couture wedding gown as a gift from him. I’m pretty sure Bravo picked up the tab. We also meet , neither ever really seen on “Real Housewives.” 

Back on the BurrussTucker compound, Todd is flexing his muscle a bit. He sits down with Carmon and another one of Kandi’s assistants to get an update on the wedding planning. Carmon says she’s not a wedding planner and can’t offer what she can’t do. She’s reluctant to even try and help plan Kandi’s wedding. Todd is not a happy camper and for the first time, I saw Todd’s assertive “boss” side. Todd reads Carmon and basically told her if she couldn’t handle it to GO! Carmon felt insulted and walks off fuming. She sent an angry text to Kandi accusing Kandi of using Todd as her mouth piece. She feels like she’s Kandi’s employee not Todd’s. To some extent I agree but whatever happened to being “flexible” on the job?

Kandi and Mama Joyce are still at odds over her marrying Todd. Kandi visits with her aunts Nora and Bertha. Right away the apologize for their ridiculous behavior at the bridal shop when they co-signed Joyce’s ratchet behavior. Both Nora and Bertha convey their full support of Kandi and Todd relationship and express how happy Kandi is around Todd. Joyce’s sisters and cousin are in the opinion that Todd and Kandi love each and deserve happiness. Kandi is desperate to build the relationship back with her mother. She’s hoping by getting her aunts on her side they can convince her mama to be more supportive.

Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce and her two sisters meet for lunch and the ladies do their best to reason with Joyce to support Kandi and Todd. Her sisters seem to really like the couple and want Joyce to get on board the Todd train. But Joyce is a stubborn old goat and she’s not having none of the “mess” their talking. “I ain’t gaining no son,” Mama Joyce tells her sisters. “I hate to see her being taking advantage.” She continues on that “Daddy’s a pimp. Mama’s a ho,” in reference to Todd’s parents. Even if that’s true, it’s so wrong for Joyce to repeat it. SMDH!

Kandi's Wedding

Kandi pays Mama Joyce a visit. Joyce thinks she’s rushing into the wedding by holding it in five weeks.“What made you decide to rush the wedding so quick?” Joyce questions Kandi. Kandi explains the significance of the date (4-4-14). Then MJ waste no time asking her about about MONEY, “did you do the prenup?  The most important topic always on MJ’s mind — money! Mama Joyce acts like she has a cash register for a heart and dollar signs stamped on her eyeballs. The woman is obsessed with Kandi’s money. Then MJ complains about not being welcome at Kandi’s house. Kandi explains to her that her treatment of Todd is unacceptable. Then Joyce drops a crazy accusation about Todd’s parents “his daddy is a pimp and his mama is a prostitute!” Kandi immediately gets upset and asks her not to make such statements since Todd loss his father at a  young age and he didn’t know him. MJ is the queen of throwing low blows! She drops lies like bombs to create doubt about Todd in Kandi’s mind. It’s a clever manipulation tactic. Don’t fall for it Kandi!



Carmon disappeared for 3 days then pops up at Kandi’s front door. The two meet in Kandi’s bedroom and hash out the Todd incident. Carmon muddles on about Mama Joyce insulting her and Todd hurting her feelings as reasons why she can’t plan the wedding. Kandi is hurt and starts to cry and raise her voice. She tells Carmon’s ass off! Kandi tells her if she can’t handle the job to resign. And that’s exactly what Carmon did, she quit. “I don’t have time to cater to her feelings right now,” Kandi tells her. Carmon would rather them just be friends and not ruin a 20 year friendship. I agree. Business and friendship never ends well.

Kandi's Wedding

Stay tuned for next week’s episode airing on Sunday, June 8 at 8:00 p.m EST on Bravo.

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