Exclusive Interview: Roy Jones Jr Mistress “Stacey Reile” — Meet The Woman Who Exposed The Boxer On Instagram!

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Roy Jones JrStacey “StayLo” Reile

Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr, 42, has been doing a lot of beating up lately and I don’t mean in the ring! 

The MARRIED “christian” boxer and father of six, was supposedly involved in a sexual relationship with female boxer, Stacey “StayLo” Reile. And Stacey Reile is not your average chick, she has established herself as one of the top female featherweight boxers in the world.

According to Stacey, the relationship lasted 5 months. The break-up occurred when Stacey tagged Roy in a photo which prompted another woman to verbally attack her. When Stacey confronted Roy about it, he disappeared. So what’s a heart broken gal to do? End the relationship by posting pics of her ex-lover’s “shortcomings” on social media. Duhhh!

According to Stacey, the pair met in 2012 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic during a boxing event.

StayLo is devastated over the break up! She really loved Roy and broke off a seven year relationship with her previous boyfriend to date Roy. She thought Roy and her were dating exclusively.

stacey_stayloboxing on Instagram.clipular

Stacey sought revenge on her lover over the weekend (starting Friday going into Saturday) by posting X-Rated text messages, naked photos and a video of Roy masturbating. 

Many of the images are too graphic to post but I posted a few of the less risque ones below:

Roy Jone Jr
roy_jiggy_jones on Instagram.clipular.png

roy_jiggy_jones on Instagram.clipular (1).jpg



“All About The Tea,” managed to get an exclusive phone interview with Stacey, last night. The interview was tough because Stacey is deeply wounded, on the phone she was crying, distraught and downright PISSED at Roy!

Below are a highlights of the phone interview:

  • “Our relationship lasted 5 months then he cut all ties with me”
  • “He manipulated me. He made me feel exclusive.”
  • “I am NOT a side chick”
  • “He put me through pain and suffering”
  • “The Roy I know is a sex addict. I never had a man send me so many masturbation pics”


  • “He exposed my personal business”
  • “Roy hides behind the bible”
  • “I am REAL, I’m passionate, I’m emotional”
  • “I broke off a 7-year relationship to be with Roy”

Roy messed with the wrong one this time!


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