Exclusive Interview: Rebecca Hunter Spills The Tea On Drea Kelly’s Cheating Husband!

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Bnx0-h2CcAEGwjzRebecca Hunter

When “All About The Tea” broke the story of the Drea Kelly, 40, and Brian McKee, 41, cheating scandal (Read the story here), fans of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” were shocked to learn the scandalous revelations being made about Brian McKee

Last week we interviewed JayLynn Umbleby, one of the women who came forward to expose the lies of Brian McKee.

Brian McKee is a 41 year old, father of two adult kids and a barber. Mostly known as the husband of  “Hollywood Exes” star Drea Kelly, Brian has made recent headlines for f*cking his way to infamy, leaving behind a trail of mistresses and incriminating text messages.

Brian McKeeBrian McKee

Now it’s Rebecca Hunter’s turn. Rebecca Hunter, 36, is another woman that has come forward with claims that Brian McKee was dating her while married to Drea Kelly.

Rebecca has granted us an exclusive interview and she’s spilling the tea! The bold and sassy young lady is not holding back and she got receipts to prove it!


AATT: How long have you dated Brian?
Rebecca: “I met Brian in 2011 and dated him off and on until my birthday weekend in February 2014. “


AATT: Were you dating him during the time he dated Drea?
Rebecca: “He never spoke of dating Drea or any other female while we were together. He was consistent with his lies for the most part.”


AATT: How did Brian explain dating and the subsequent marriage to Drea Kelly?
Rebecca: “My relationship with Brian fizzled when I stopped producing funds to him. Along the way, I tested Brian’s character as I would do in any relationship, and he failed miserably!”


AATT:  What made you decide to come forward and expose Brain?
Rebecca: “I am extremely traumatized by his lies, behavior, and manipulation. He parades around bragging and showboating all the while begging and demanding me to give him thousands of dollars a month for his so-called bills. Mind you, I am a single mother who works my butt off.”
“A man who is truly destitute does not flex and floss in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and diamonds! Any man who cheats on his newly wedded wife with multiple women, knowing the horrific public divorce and humiliation that Drea had recently gone through is heartless and by no means God fearing. To be very clear, I was never, and never will be the side chick. Check the dates.
“I was catering to, supporting, and dating Brian when he met Drea in 2013. He is so desperate for fortune and fame that he married Drea in a matter of weeks of meeting her. The whole March 2014 wedding is only for the sake of the show.


AATT: Some people view your actions as the cause of their break up. Do you see it that way?
Rebecca: “Guilty people and those in denial, always seek out somewhere to point the finger. He is the reason of his break up. I have only uncovered the REAL Brian. As a grown woman I would encourage any truth that would save me time, money and heartache in any relationship.”


AATT: You’ve exposed text messages proving Brian asked you for money. Have you ever given him money?
Rebecca: “Absolutely! I have transferred thousands into what he said was his mother’s account. I have handed him cash many times, paid his way many times. I have bought things he asked for and even purchased things as a nice gesture, only to be insulted by “ I ask for this – why did I get that?” I could never do enough or give enough. He was certainly never content or pleased. I was pressured, called names, mistreated verbally and emotionally during his manic manipulative episodes, all the while persuading me into believing he was in a constant state of financial emergency, until I simply had enough! “
AATT: What did Brian say he needed the money for?
Rebecca: “Brian asked me for a lot of things. He wanted me to hand him cash for most of it and would not take a check or any other method of tracking. This was on purpose, he wanted no record of it. He said he needed money for bills, for groceries, his house mortgage, gas money to visit his ill father, money to fix the air conditioner in his car, luxuries for his street bike, clothes, jewelry, cologne, you name it – this man asked for it.”

Text messages from Brian to Rebecca. He’s begging for money/payments

Brian Kelly Text

Brian Kelly Text 4

Brian Text Msg 6

Brian Kelly Text 7

Brian McKee Msg 5

AATT: Do you think he swindled you?
Rebecca: “Swindled with two dots on the ‘I’ and a capitol ‘D,’ he’s very believable. He preached a sermon….yes I know…to me once about giving. [He said] ‘God blesses some with more in order for them to give to the less fortunate.’ He constantly encouraged me that it is more blessed to give than to receive and told me I am the chase and he is the chaser. He has the exact concept correct but his strategies are wrong. Dead wrong!”


AATT: How much would you estimate he defrauded out of you?
Rebecca: “I am ashamed to admit that within the first 45 days that I knew him he cheated me out of at least $3500.00. I have evidence of all of my receipts and transfer information with the bank!”


Bank records of deposits made to Brian’s bank account from Rebecca Hunter

bank info 3


bank info 2


Brian bank stuff 1


AATT: Some are comparing his actions to male prostitution. Would you agree?
Rebecca: “In hindsight, it is undeniably an advanced form of prostitution. The only distinction is he convinces you to feel like you are the only one. It’s clear to me now that the relationship was merely one sided and justifiably to his sole advantage.”


AATT: Has he made any contact with you since the scandal went public? 
Rebecca: “No, but those who do not know him intimately have had their fair share of say to the situation.” 


AATT: Do you still love him?
Rebecca: “I love Brian, because that’s who I am. In love? No! “
AATT: What can you tell us about Brian we don’t already know? 
Rebecca: “Some of you may not know that his marriage to Drea is his THIRD marriage. Brian has been called to be a minister but has openly stated that he is running from God. Too much! “


AATT: Any closing words you would like to share? 
Rebecca: “Oh boy! How much time do you have? Brian truly is a blessed human being, in many ways. He has talent and potential. When he learns to use his talents and brilliance to benefit others instead of himself he will go much further in life and it will be more rewarding and fulfilling. I have no hate or malice in my heart for Brian.”
“I did — what I did — because I truly believed in him. And I had the desire to enable him in achieving his dreams. Now, that’s my karma. BOOM!”


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