Wendy Williams Is Running Her Toxic Mouth About Kenya Moore

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Wendy Williams is doing what she does best — running her toxic mouth!

The talk show diva is throwing shade at Kenya Moore’s relationship with Tonye Cole, a “married” African Oil Tycoon.

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As we previously reportedKenya Moore visited Harvard University in late April and was spotted walking alongside Tonye Cole, who graduated from Harvard Business School on Monday, April 28. 

Kenya MooreKenya Moore and Tonye Cole together on the grounds of Harvard University

The queen of shade, Wendy Williams weighed in on the photo of Kenya and Mr. Cole. Wendy seems to believe the wealthy oil tycoon is Kenya’s man.

“Many people including me had doubts about this African boyfriend really existing but now we might know who he is. His name is Tonye Cole and he’s a Nigerian oil magnate.  He was apparently recently speaking at Harvard University and she was spotted there with him, walking around the campus. There’s only one problem though, Kenya girl, you got to close your legs to married men. I’m sorry Kenya.


We here at the Wendy show tried to dig deep to get you much information about stories, we checked out his Facebook page, his status and he’s married with kids. Although in certain cultures you’re allowed to have more than wife and children are all around the place, he’s not from here so he might have a different way. But Kenya is from here, why would you settle for that Kenya? I know, he’s a prince. I get it. Kenya is 43 so you gotta make that choice real quick.”

Tonye Cole has very impressive resume, he’s well educated and wealthy. 

Tonye-Cole & Kenya Moore

Mr. Cole is the CEO of Sahara Energy Resource LimitedSahara Energy started out as an Oil & Gas company whose core business at the time was the trading of excess fuel oil from the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries.

Later Kenya Moore debunked those rumors when she tweeted the following on May 27 of Tonye Cole with his wife, Sylvia Cole:

“Congratulations to Tonye Cole for graduating from @harvard business School. It’s an honor to know you. #inspirational”

Twitter - KenyaMoore- Congratulations to Tonye Cole ....clipular

Considering Wendy Williams sordid past, she’s in no position to pass judgement on anyone and certainly not on the subject of sleeping with married men! Have a seat Mrs. Wendell Wendy — Girl Bye!

Kenya has recently tweeted photos of a mystery man who looks nothing like Mr. Cole with captions of being in love. Clearly proving, Tonye Cole is just a friend and her love interest is the man in the photos below.

Photo by thekenyamoore.clipular (2)

Photo by thekenyamoore.clipular (1)

Twitter - KenyaMoore- LOL I'm his motivation #obsessed ....clipular (1)

Twitter - KenyaMoore- That moment when you think ....clipular

Some Nigerian gossip rags are trying to stir the pot with claims that Tonye Cole’s wife, Sylvia Cole is devastated and is not easily buying excuses given by her husband’s friends, who have reportedly waded into the matter. I question the validity of Mrs. Cole’s emotional state because of a mere photo of two friends walking together.

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