Stupid Housewife: Teresa And Joe Giudice Are Facing Prison Time But Do They Know That?

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Over the Memorial Day weekend, convicted felon, Teresa Giudice frolicked carefree on the beach without a care in the world.

If you didn’t know the reality star was facing 2 years in prison and her life was in complete turmoil, you would assume she was a happy go-lucky woman.


Teresa and her hubby, Joe Giudice – pleaded guilty to nine counts of mail, wire, bank and bankruptcy fraud and are awaiting sentencing on July 8th. However, despite their grave reality, the couple continue to go out and enjoy themselves — dining at fancy restaurants and having a blast!

article-2641911-1DEF4DEF00000578-860_634x561Joe and Teresa dining out on Joe’s birthday

Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice is facing 46 months in prison and could also be deported back to Italy, where he was born.

As we reportedTeresa’s book sales have dropped significantly and all her endorsement deals have dried up. The once fan favorite of RHONJ has now resorted to doing gigs at ghetto venues in the hood to keep the lights on. Ouch!

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To make matters worse, Teresa’s fans are jumping ship in droves. She no longer has the overwhelming fan support she use to have. Many of her fans are outraged by her admission of guilt on March 4th. Teresa professed her innocence (on numerous occasions) and promised she would be vindicated. Then turned around and pled GUILTY to the surprise of many.


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