LA Hair Recap: It’s a Thin Line between Love and Hate [Episode 2]

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LA Hair

Anthony totally loses it and lashes out at new barber extraordin-hair Lisa and it was a hot steamy mess. All the name calling and rough touching around the neck. Is this really about a hostile chair takeover or is he feeling overly insecure and threatened? Leah and Kim meet with Anthony and Lisa the next day for breakfast in public at a local eatery. Wise choice. Leah lays down the law but Anthony and Lisa continue to bicker.

Over at the salon, Terry’s client comes in with super matted mane and admits she does not know how to comb her hair. No kidding. It doesn’t matter though.  At this point, all a comb can do is break.  Fortunately for her, Terry is able to smooth out those “natural” curls. When asked if she likes her new do, the client’s mouth hesitantly says yes but her facial expression says “what in the ham?” Perhaps she’s in shock and has never seen her hair like that before.

China suggests hiring her sister for the receptionist job. Leah reluctantly hires her and no one seems thrilled about it. The place is a drama-filled employee magnet.

Dontay, desperate for some liquid courage, meets with Angela to tell her he has decided to stay with Kim. That’s right Dontay. If you can’t afford to take chance right now, stay where you know the shelves are stocked with bread and the fridge is filled with butter.

Kim shows singer Macy Gray an array of wigs she’s designed for the singer’s photo shoot. It was touch and go there for a minute but Macy finally picked one she liked. She chose a conservative little number much to her photographer’s disappointment and ended up with the big hair wig Kim favored from the very beginning.

Angela sends out invitations to her launch party to everyone including KimEveryone from the salon attends with the exception of Kim, Jazz and China. The small talk and congratulations last for a little while and then this episode ends like it began – with a fight, only this time there is a switch in sparring partners. Welcome to Rumble in the LA Jungle.

Whoa! Naja threw the first punch by telling Angela she should get some fake plants in her salon to go with her fake personality. That’s not nice. Angela, feeling insulted, tells Naja she has to leave. She will not be disrespected in her own place of business. Naja feels like she has the right to leave when she gets good and hair done ready. Moments later, it’s all fisticuffs. Angela tosses Naja’s purse is tossed out the door like a Frisbee. Head slaps sound off like smoke alarms as these two ladies wig out.

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