Are LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Obsessed With Brandi Glanville?

Posted on May 28 2014 - 2:39pm by Avigail



In a newly released preview clip of  “LeAnn & Eddie,” LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian prove exactly what Brandi Glanville has been saying about the couple — they are obsessed with her!

In the preview clip, the married couple discuss their favorite subject, Brandi Glanville! Then Eddie is pissed that Brandi says he doesn’t work. When did Brandi accuse him of not working? In the video, Eddie jokes about divorce and Brandi-texting rumors, LeAnn’s face did not look pleased in the least.

If Brandi is all they have to occupy their time with, maybe they need to re-evaluate their lives. Can you spell O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! 

It appears, LeAnn wants Eddie to care about the rumors in the media but Eddie is dismissive and ignores her. 

Oh Snap! What in the world were these two thinking? Airing their Brandi obsession on Reality TV only makes them look coocoo for cocoa puffs.  And VH1 posters agree, the video page was barraged with negative comments and just like the first released preview of their show, VH1 pulled the new video off their site.

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  • cutie pie

    I’m sure the if kids watch the show, they’re going to feel real good about watching their father and his side piece being so incredibly disrespectful towards their mother.

    • aemish

      Right? They make Brandi appear mature by comparison. Brandi! Mature! smh

  • SAMRA1116

    Help all three of those fools. They won’t let go of the ugliness of all of it.

    • Raine Woman

      Agreed! 100%

  • Txholdemgurl

    What is wrong with me?? Why cant I find the clip? I have clicked everything possible on here. Can someone send me the book “Watching Videos for Dummies” please??

  • Melissa

    There is no way he finds her attractive. When she’s pouting and sticks out her tongue, she is seriously the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. She better keep the casino gigs coming because, he’s gone if the moolah runs out. The whole thing is so fake and obviously shot well after the actual fact. Eddie’s basically telling her to kiss him and he’ll rebuff her just for fun. Honey, humiliate yourself on the red carpet. It’ll be hilarious. Nice try losers.

    • aemish

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!!!

  • chacha1

    I think Brandi is obsessed with them

  • aemish