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Vivica Fox Teaming Up With Kenya Moore’s Enemy Brandi Glanville

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As we reported, filming for the new season of Celebrity Apprentice has concluded and the new season is expected to premiere on NBC this summer. 

Allegedly, during filming Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox, had a disagreement which led to Kenya tweeting a message from Vivica’s phone complaining about menopause.  None of this has been verified but numerous media outlets are reporting it.

And it appears as a result of her falling out with Kenya Moore, Vivica Fox, is cozying up to Kenya’s enemy — star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville.

Vivica and Brandi, whom are not close friends, have been tweeting sweet nothings to each other:

Brandi tweeted to Vivica:

“Cant wait to catch up with my love @MsVivicaFox this weekend! #thereadeal.”

Vivica’s response to Brandi:

“@BrandiGlanville Yes darling!  Funtimes ahead for us 4sho!! TTYS :-).”

Celebrity Apprentice rumors swirled that Kenya and Brandi were feuding on set then recent reports of Kenya and Vivica falling out over Vivica’s phone.

Vivica made her issues with Kenya public by posting the following tweets:

Twitter - MsVivicaFox- Was trying to hold my tounge ....clipular


Vivica followed up with the following tweet to clarify she’s referring to Kenya Moore.

Vivica A. Fox (MsVivicaFox) on Twitter.clipular


Are Brandi and Vivica deliberately teaming up against Kenya Moore to get under her skin? Seems very suspect that Vivica and Brandi are lovey dovey on Twitter when they are mere acquaintances. How old is Vivica again?

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