Kenya Moore Introduces Her New Man To The World! [Photos]

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Kenya Moore

In public, Kenya Moore has been through the best and worst of times this year – from playing a pivotal role in the ratings success of The Real Housewives of  Atlanta to being violently attacked by Porsha Williams at the reunion. Moore is generally private about her personal life but it appears she’s been quietly keeping a joyful secret! Kenya shared with the world a special someone in her life.

The former Miss USA, tweeted “That moment when you think about closing your eyes or getting hot grits” along with a photo of her sexy beau intimately staring into her eyes. Get it girl!

Kenya tweeted the following sensual selfie of her and her boo:

Photo by thekenyamoore.clipular (1)

The photo captioned:

“That moment when you think about closing your eyes or getting hot grits… #tobeinlove #toforgive #tobeprotected #tofightfair Love is a choice, to trust is a choice. You choose your fate. You can’t let other people and the past dictate how you treat others #timetoheal”


Twitter - KenyaMoore- That moment when you think ....clipular

Based on Kenya’s tweets and Instagram hashtags – #tobeinlove #toforgive #tobeprotected – Ms. Twirl has been stung by the love bug.

Ms. Moore followed up with another pic of her love interest viewing his favorite girl on his laptop. The sexy hunky man sports washboard abs. 

Photo by thekenyamoore.clipular (2)

Kenya’s shared:

“LOL I’m his motivation #obsessed have a blessed day #behappy #stophating #myfamily note to all the haters: I’m unbothered find someone else to hate stalk.”

Twitter - KenyaMoore- LOL I'm his motivation #obsessed ....clipular (1)

Ms. Moore wasn’t done, she tweeted a meme describing how in love she is:

Photo by thekenyamoore.clipular

#TeamTwirl get ready to select china for the couple! This could possibly mean a baby for Kenya in season 7.

While we don’t have the deets on Kenya’s mystery man. We wish her joy and all the happiness in the world. She deserves it!


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