Married to Medicine Recap: Dr. Heavenly is Messy Boots & Crazy Boots [Ep 9]

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Married to Med

The episode starts off where last week’s ended, Mariah and Quad are engaged in a shouting match outside the fashion show. The convo was peaceful at first until Quad became emotional and started yelling. At that point, Mariah started to make her way to her chariot to leave. As Mariah is walking away, Quad’s friends gather around her and with an audience Quad yells louder at Mariah. Similar to same stunt she pulled at the WEN conference when she had a crowd. Miss Quad loves to perform for an audience, hunty! Mariah got on her chariot and rode off.

The next day, Dr. Heavenly pays Mariah and Ayden a visit. Ayden is recovering from his hair replacement procedure and is not doing too well. He’s had a bad reaction to the meds and his head is swollen. Heavenly comes bearing “gell well soon balloons.” After checking on AydenHeavenly sits down for some “tea” on last night’s crazy fashion show.

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Mariah and Ms. Lucy discuss Reco Chapelle and Quad’s claims against her. Mariah shed some light on Reco’s photoshoot. She explains that Reco called her last minute but she had a prior engagement. He asked for Quad’s number. Mariah clarifies she’s not mad with Quad for her involvement in Reco’s photoshoot. Mariah then explains the “relevant” comment as providing a platform for Quad to become famous. Which is a seemingly an accurate statement considering, Mariah is the creator of the show, who sold the concept to Bravo then recruited the women to join her. Mariah is the tree and they’re the branches. Heavenly disagrees. She thinks friends shouldn’t do things for friends then throw it in their faces. Ms. Lucy chimes in that Reco is working for the devil and Heavenly disagrees again, she seems to think Ms. Lucy has a direct line to the devil.

misslucy_Married to medicine

Quad and her hubby, Gregory chat about the previous night’s blowout at the fashion show. He describes Mariah as unbulldoozable and advises his wife to walk away next time.


Later, Simone brings Jackie a practice baby. Jackie works 24/7 but desires to have a biological child of her own. Jackie is eager to prove that she can juggle a busy career but Simone is skeptical. This should be interesting!

The ladies arrive for Heavenly’s dinner party. Ah, yes, Dr. H invites the women over, minus Mariah, for an evening of  “reading” and “shade throwing!” And I thought Toya was the only tacky one but it looks like Dr. Heavenly could use an extra strength dose of “Shut yo mouth!”

Lisa Nicole stirs the pot by addressing the elephant in the room, “where is Mariah?” She always seems to be the one bringing up Mariah’s name to the ladies. Lisa Nicole is sneaky and lowkey messy. Just Saying!

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Heavenly snaps she wanted a drama-free night and thought it was better to keep Mariah off the guest list. If she wanted no drama, why was Quad invited? Dr. Heavenly is messy boots, shady boots and downright CRAZY boots!

The self appointed relationship expert wants to impart advice to the ladies — but thanks to “boomerang effect” shade was served right back. The Hostess with the Mostess says in her TH, “I am a relationship expert, and I see that some of these women might need some of my expertise. Maybe I can talk to them, maybe they can learn some things!” I agree with Heavenly’s daughter, Heavenly loves talking about herself.


Heavenly hires a personal chef and there’s not much on the ladies’ plates besides shade. Dr. H kicks off the dinner party by telling the ladies why they’re there:

“I brought you all together because I feel we can all learn from each other. And I’ve noticed some things going on in people’s marriages — whether it may be having problems submitting to their husbands. There’s some women that may be spending all of their husbands money. There may be some people that may not respect their husbands enough to even take their last name. Some of us just got married so their just lucky to be here.”

Sounds like pleasant dinner conversation to me?!?  The women look on in shock. Heavenly goes on to asks the ladies for their thoughts on the men being the head of the household.

Married to Medicine

All night Heavenly was being very passive-aggressive and Jackie and Simone were not having any of it, Jackie snaps in her TH, “Now she’s a relationship expert too? I have nothing I can learn from Heavenly. I won’t be taking that class. Mmm-mmm.” Tell her Dr. J!

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Heavenly didn’t stop there, she calls Toya out for over spending her hubby’s money and cites money troubles as the reason for the couple’s house closing issues. Toya didn’t flip out but politely tells Heavenly to mind her own business. Simone was right when she said, “Put your thigh high boots on because we are about to be knee deep in Heavenly’s sh*t again.”

Married to Medicine Photos - 12 Shady Statements About Heavenly's Dinner.clipular

Simone describes Heavenly’s personality perfectly, “She will always be that crazy bitch to me!” Dr Heavenly is FAR FROM HEAVENLY more like HELLISH! Can we call her Hellish from now on?

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The conversation shifts to a group trip Simone is planning for the entire circle of friends (which includes Mariah). Quad immediately declares she wants no part of a group trip that includes Mariah. You would think Mariah killed Quad’s first born the way she behaves. Again, Quad breaks into hysterics equipped with crocodile tears as she describes how much Mariah has hurt her. Chile please! Simone, tired of Quad’s bullsh*t,  goes off on her. Simone yells at Quad while telling her she needs to move on and get over it! Finally a voice of reason.


Simone walks out of the room, visibly shaken but later comes back and the group plans the trip. Quad manages to manipulate the ladies into excluding Mariah from the trip.

Lisa Nicole and Toya smirk with glee with the news Mariah won’t be invited to the couple’s trip. The episode ends with the ladies exiting the dinner party from hell!

Tune in for next’s week’s episode where Quad and Reco scramble to finish their puppy couture samples before their investor meeting, but Mariah files a restraining order against Reco that threatens their progress. Lisa Nicole throws a fantastical princess party for her daughter, but tempers flare as Simone disinvites Mariah from the couple’s trip.


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