Brandi Glanville Says She Has No Beef With LeAnn Rimes & Lisa Vanderpump

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Brandi Glanville is tired of the LeAnn Rimes and Lisa Vanderpump versus Brandi Glanville rumors and wants everyone to know it! 

Brandi took to her Twitter to dispel those rumors. Brandi is denying that she’s feuding with LeAnn Rimes and Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi tweeted:

“Im n[o]t in a twitter war with @leannrimes im not on a fued with @LisaVanderpump or anyone else for that matter #imhappy.”

Brandi has long been embroiled in feuds with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes on Twitter and in public over the years. But the Beverly Hills Housewife says she’s doing her best to mend any broken fences not only with Leann Rimes but her RHOBH co-star, Lisa Vanderpump


As for her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi still cares about her and even said she loves her but is apprehensive Lisa might be using her for her TV show, Vanderpump Rules. Referring to her appearances when confronting Scheana Marie. (Scheana also had an affair with Eddie before the couple’s divorce.)

Ironically, Lisa Vanderpump did a recent interview with Star Magazine and opened  up about the aftermath of her falling out with Brandi:

“I am definitely hurt by everything that happened—the names she’s called me, the things she’s said. It’s shocking. Brandi denies and denies her behavior—and all I can do is throw my arms up and walk away. It’s not worth the pettiness. If you’d asked me weeks ago, I would have said no way in hell, but that would be quite immature of me,” she admits. “[But forgiveness] would take a lot.”

Perhaps Brandi’s tweet was in response to Lisa’s recent Star Magazine article or Leann’s and Eddie’s upcoming reality show, set to debut in July.

Do you think Brandi is trying to mend her relationship with LeAnn and Lisa? Tell us in the comments.


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