Blind Item: All The Old Habits

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This very famous Oscar-winning star is in serious trouble.

You probably know about one issue for which he went to rehab years ago. His publicists did a good job  controlling those early reports, so you didn’t know about all the rest of his habits. You also probably thought that he’s been clean ever since.

Not even close.

There were recent reports that he was once again indulging in one behavior that had been a problem for him the the past.

Actually, all of his old habits are back! The drinking, the c*caine, the gambling, the sex. All of it.

The biggest problem is that he thinks that he doesn’t have a problem! Indeed, his life looks good from the outside. He is still good-looking, rich, famous, married and working a lot.

He thinks that he is smarter than his addiction. He believes that he has a good amount of willpower, and that he can indulge in his vices in a controlled way. However, he can’t. He started doing one thing and it took only five minutes before the floodgates opened wide and he was doing everything.

He has a wife who loves him and will stand by him. She couldn’t convince him to get help, though, so she called on a long-time friend of his (a famous actor) to intervene, which he did willingly and quickly. However, so far, our star is still refusing help from all parties.


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