RHOBH News: Can Lisa Vanderpump Forgive Brandi Glanville?

Posted on May 22 2014 - 11:21am by Avigail



Former BFF’s Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship exploded on this past season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and it looks like the damage may be permanent.

We all watched, Lisa and Brandi’s close friendship slowly deteriorate like meat rotting. Perhaps Brandi accusing Lisa and her husband Ken of covering up their allege bankruptcy and they once lived in the Valley; may have been too much for the British housewife to handle. According to Lisa, all of Brandi’s claims are lies.

Lisa Vanderpump sat down with Star Magazine and opened  up about the aftermath of their falling out:

“I am definitely hurt by everything that happened—the names she’s called me, the things she’s said. It’s shocking.”

Lisa is also not happy about Brandi not owning up to her share of the blame:

“Brandi denies and denies her behavior—and all I can do is throw my arms up and walk away. It’s not worth the pettiness.”

However,  Lisa hasn’t completely written Brandi off and is not ruling out a reconciliation, she tells the mag:

“If you’d asked me weeks ago, I would have said no way in hell, but that would be quite immature of me,” she admits. “[But forgiveness] would take a lot.”

Do you think there’s hope for  Lisa and Brandi’s friendship? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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  • Michael

    Has Lisa owned up to ANYTHING?? The only thing that woman has done this past season is whine about every other woman on the cast. She has become nothing but a victim ine her mind and has been letting everyone know about it since before the season even began. Nothing would make me happier that for her not to return for another season. She has her own fake reality show, let her stay there.

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      I have to disagree with you. She was a wonderful friend to Brandi and Brandi crapped all over Lisa. If it were not for Lisa, Brandi likely would have never been promoted to a RH–because she is broke, not married, and her kids can’t even film. The ONLY reason why people took to her (for the most part) is because the friendship with Lisa was so fun to watch.

      Lisa hasn’t whined about anything imo. She was attacked by four jealous bitches who were all pea green with envy that Lisa became the breakout star and was the one who got the spinoff. That’s where all the hatred from the ladies comes from–it’s all just jealousy.

      JMO–you are entitled to yours! Have a good day.

      • noarguingwithstupid

        Exactly on point, 4the!!!

        • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

          Thanks Naws! 🙂

        • twifan2

          How’s youses all today?
          How’s The Pennster doing?
          Want a cat!? :/

          • noarguingwithstupid

            Hey sweetie!!!! Pennster is fine!!!! No comment on cat!!

      • Michael

        We’ll see. I predict that despite all the torture and torment those hateful bitches, pea green with envy, have put that sweet Lisa through all last season, she’ll be returning back to the scene of the crime next season. Who would do that, especially when they had their own show and millions of dollars in the bank? The only one who I can think of, would be someone who loved it, or was lying about it in the first place. Last I check, Lisa still followed every one of her abusers on twitter.

        • cutie pie

          I agree michael…nothing and I repeat ‘nothing’ happens in Lisa’s world by accident.

      • twifan2

        ITA 4tHs! 🙂
        Brando is an old has-been trying to stay relevant. Hanging on for whatever fame she can get, by any means!

      • karen

        What type of friend brings your ex mistress to party where she knows u would be at? Then wants u to go talk to her. That’s batshit crazy right there. Lisa trying to stir the pot so she has some type of storyline, then when it backfires on her she blames Brandi for what coming to party u invited her to, just to rub her ex mistress in her face. That’s one low down bitch

    • MorningYawn

      They’re ALL dirty in BH this last season, all if them knee deep in it, but for different reasons.

      • Michael

        I agree, they all have done the same things Housewives do, cause drama. I just have a problem with Lisa not owning up to her share of stirring the the pot. Instead, Lisa wants to deny anything that wasn’t caught on film and lable those who called her out as liars.

  • twifan2

    Well, if HWBH tanks, Lisa will still have the other show.
    Maybe Brando can get a job there? Don’t think so! 😀

  • TartLemon

    Lisa/Ken are well rid of Brandi. She belongs slithering in the cesspool of Kyle/Kim.

    • SAMRA1116

      Love when Ken said, she can’t come back.
      Everyone leave me, yes Brandi everyone leaves you, you drive then away.

  • SAMRA1116

    Brandi is a user and a big mouth—bit the hand that helped you.
    She’s no one friend — she’s all about Brandi only
    Lisa just give it a rest, they are all jealous of VPR, it shows.
    Never like Brandi she talks too damn much and she’s not trust worthy.

  • MorningYawn

    They are all guilty on this show…. No one more with Miss Glanville (if ur nasty)

  • SDC

    No way in hell will they ever be friends again. Who would want to be friends with someone who orchestrated a group gang up on 1 person? Someone who spread false stories about you and tried to blame it on somebody else? Somebody who bashed you and humiliated you in the public for 6 months? Brandi’s lucky if she still has a job (which I’m sure she does because her behavior was deplorable, which of course is deemed acceptable by Bravo and of course they’ll reward her for it).

  • murlut

    Lisa was a good friend to her. She decided she was BETTER than Lisa. Lisa needs to keep her as it stands, not friends. Let her be friends with Yoda and Kyle. They can put up with her loud mouth, ignorant behavior and classless attitude. They are all like birds of a feather.

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