Exclusive Interview: LuAnn de Lesseps

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I had the pleasure of interviewing star of “The Real Housewives of New York” and everyone’s favorite Countess, LuAnn de Lesseps. The business mogul juggles a busy work schedule and being a mom of two children. Her daughter Victoria, an accomplished artist and son, Noel, who’s getting ready for college. The Countess is known and admired for her distinctive style, so adding fashion designer to her list of accomplishments was a natural progression. 


1. The fans are happy to have RHONY back and excited to see you. Are you back in a full-time or part time capacity? 

Countess LuAnn: I’m a guest star and loving it. I took that position because I’ve been working on my brand and my collection, also spending time with Noel because it’s his last year at home before he goes to college.

The Countess Luann Dress Collection includes 11 pieces and is now available on Shop HQ. All designs are priced between $39 and $69 and are all made in the USA.



2. Congratulations on the launch of your new fashion line “The Countess Collection.” You have a fabulous sense of style, what can we expect from your collection?

Countess LuAnn: My collection is chic made easy. It’s affordable for all and it goes from day to night, easy to accessorize and travels well. I have had a great time launching it on Shop HQ and it’s still available online at  shophq.com.


3. With all the Bookgate drama going on. What’s your secret to staying relevant but out of the line of fire? 

Countess LuAnn: I believe you can get your point across without raising your voice. In all the years on the show, I get my point across without all the yelling and screaming, but I’m no pushover.


4. Who would you say that you bonded with the most this season?  

Countess LuAnn: This season I have become close friends with Carole who was my arch enemy last year. I have great respect for her.


5. Of all the people who are no longer on the show, who would you like to see back on?  

Countess LuAnn: Kelly [Kelly Bensimon RHONY Season 1-4]


6. Despite breakup rumors, we see Jacques and you are still together this season. How are things going? 

Countess LuAnn: We see each other often and have fun times


7. What’s one assumption people make about you from watching RHONY that is absolutely incorrect?  

Countess LuAnn: That I seem unapproachable. I’m really down to earth and friendly.


8. Besides your fashion line, do you have any other projects you would like to promote?  

Countess LuAnn: After the success of the dress line, I’m now starting to work on jewelry, home and even a perfume.


9. Do you have any parting words for your fans?  

Countess LuAnn: I’m very humbled and appreciative for all the good comments I have been receiving this season.I loved filming season 6 and glad everyone is enjoying it.


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