Married to Medicine Recap: ‘Fashion Faux-Pas’ [Episode 7]

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Dr. Aydin is getting hair plugs.  Mariah says he will look like Fabio once the procedure is over.  Hearing Dr. Aydin moaning in pain is not what I signed up for!

Quad meets with Designer Rafael Cox.  They were dressed almost identically. Evidently twins separated at birth!  Rafael is doing “The Women of Atlanta” charity fashion show to benefit breast cancer charities.  A montage of Quad trying various dresses.  Quad says when she does it, she does it for the gods.  Evidently “gods” refers to supermodels in Quad’s dictionary.

Quad gave the rehash of what happened in the Tranquility Room between her and Mariah. She says that she has extended the charity event invitation to Mariah but we will see if she attends.

Mariah’s mother and sister join Mariah in the waiting room while Dr. Aydin is getting his hair plug surgery.  She tells her family that Quad’s text invite seems like a set up to her.  More WEN conference rehash.  Mariah says that Reco Chappelle is angry that Mariah posed for another designer and that he asked Quad to model for him out of spite.

Next it’s Tuesday lunch buddies Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone chatting it up.  Jackie brought pictures of a patient’s fibroids.  Honey please, no graphic pictures while I am trying to eat!  Simone admits that she is having major financial issues.  She says that in sixteen years of practice, she has never been this broke.  She is using personal savings to make her payroll.  Jackie asks “why am I just hearing this (now)?”  Simone says she didn’t want to burden Jackie. Simone and her husband Cecil have been arguing over how Simone is running her practice.  Simone says she and her husband haven’t had sex in a couple of months.  She says that she actually waits in the bathroom until Cecil falls asleep.  Jackie says she has sex on Fridays and Saturdays.


Listen ladies, I understand frequency – but mix it up a little too.  Throw in a Tuesday night once in awhile.  Don’t refer to your sex life like it’s a chore!

Dr. Heavenly says she has the “Heavenly Magic” for her patients and gives their smiles “The Heavenly Touch.” Mariah’s cousin, Brian comes to visit Dr. Heavenly. Evidently he is Dr. Heavenly’s stylist!  How many of Mariah’s relatives are going to be on this episode?  Maybe the show should be called “Married to Mariah.”  Dr. Heavenly tries on a mink fur coat.  She brags that all her furs are real.  Watch out, Dr. H, the animal activists are going to come after you!  More WEN conference rehash.  Enough already, we saw the episodes!  Brian says that Mariah treats him in the same way Quad is complaining about and Dr. H gives a 1930’s Hollywood screen star GASP!  Brian says Mariah doesn’t like that he is styling Dr. Heavenly and has control issues.  Brian tells Dr. H to watch out for Mariah.

Dr. Simone returns home after a 12 hour shift, looking like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She and her husband admit that are not very well connected to each other.

Montage of makeup, clothing designers, fashion show guests, upfront photos and red carpet interviews. I will say the ladies turned it OUT dressing for this show. The guest outfits are sharp and smart!  Toya is in a pair of nude sparkly pants.  I wish I could wear them, but I’d look like a disco ball! Quad says she is going to hope for the best but prepare for the worst!  Post-recovery, Dr. Aydin looks like he was hit by a truck after hair plug transplant survey.  He has more pain and swelling.

Dwight arrives to the fashion show with flowers the size of a large bush. Dr. H strolls in with her polar bear huge mink coat.  Poor lady, I feel over-heated just looking at that thick fur.  With all the hugs, I am surprised Dr. H’s mink doesn’t have lipstick all along the collar.  Quad says she needs to “cash that ass” for breast cancer donations.

Lisa Nicole is there.  She has beautiful skin and seems like a nice person, but I swear I do the “Real Housewives of Orange County” Vicki Gunvalson snore whenever she is on the screen.  She is like the Cindy Barshop from “Real Housewives of New York” to this show. Nice but for some reason her storylines are just not clicking.  (In my opinion, of course!)

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (7)

Reco arrives to the fashion show saying his relationship will never be the same.  Frankly he looks like he arrived to the fashion show looking for a fight. People please, this is a charity event!  Dr. H shakes Reco’s hand and says wherever she is, she likes to praise the Lord.  Alrighty then!

Quad peeks out from behind stage to see if Mariah has arrived.  She doesn’t see her and proclaims that at least there won’t be any drama tonight.  Many of the fashion show models are breast cancer survivors.  They all look gorgeous in their pink dresses.  Quad struts down the runway. Dr. H says you have to give credit where credit is due – that “Quad has got IT.” Did Dr. H lose more weight?  She looks different in this episode.

After the show, Mariah appears with a couple people.  (Like we ever thought she wouldn’t.)  Reco is all wound up like a coked up schnauzer.  His friend says “Let’s do this and get out of here!”  Oh lordy lordy lordy!

married-to-medicine-season-2-207-fight-01 (1)

Dr. H and her huge white fur comes over.  Mariah thinks “Minked out!  Mrs. Heavenly dressed up like an eskimo. Push through in your fur, girl!  Push through in your polar bear!” Mariah and I must be sharing a brain this week!  Dr. H says Mariah looks good and has her titties out too!  Well hey there, Dr. H call it like it is.  Mariah introduces her guests as her “muscle.”  I didn’t know people needed security guards for a charity show!

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (5)

Reco calls Quad over with a “let’s do this!”  My eyes already hurt from being rolled up in my head.  Seriously, how old are you all?  Act like adults, please!  Quad doesn’t look up for the fight.

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (4)

Lisa Nicole comes over and tries to give some prelude to Reco. Yawn.  Reco comes over and tries to kiss Mariah.  Her denial just amps an already amped up Reco.  It is gasoline on the fire.  He is practically sputtering!  Mariah’s mother starts shaking her finger. Dr. H has to hold Mariah’s mother back.  It looks like a polar bear is taking her down. Reco is screaming like an insane person while Mariah calmly sips her wine.  A crowd has to pull Reco away by his NECK! Mariah says after today she’ll never mention the words “Reco Chapelle … Devil get behind thee!”  When the other party does not engage in a fight, it just looks like one person is a madman raving.

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (2)

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (1)

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (3)

Round two – Quad comes out.  Is anyone finding this as boring as I do?  Toya tells Quad that Reco had to be carried out.  Quad starts up with Mariah. Everyone takes it outside.  Mariah says Quad is looking for a fight.

Married to Medicine Photos - Reco and Mariah Face-Off, in Photos.clipular (6)

Quad strolls up and … end of episode.


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