Are Teresa Giudice’s Meatball Company Partners Getting Negative Feedback Because Of Their New Criminal Partners?

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Teresa Giudice has big BALLS entering into any business partnership after pleading guilty to felony fraud charges in March. The convicted felon and star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey refuses to be crippled into a mute behind her shameful behavior. As reported, Miss “Goodfellas” entered into a partnership with a North Bergen, New Jersey restaurant called Jersey Meatball Company. The company CEO, John Centrella, has a good reputation and is giving the Fraudice’s Giudice’s the benefit of the doubt. When asked about the felonious couple, he commented “I think they’re really good people.”

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I doubt the innocent people Teresa and Joe defrauded would agree with John Centrella. Stealing, lying, not paying taxes, committing bank, mail and wire fraud, drunk driving and leaving tenants without heat are inexcusable actions and not the behaviors of “good people.”

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Teresa Giudice, 41, and Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, 43, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, one count of bankruptcy fraud by concealment of assets, bankruptcy fraud by false oaths, and bankruptcy fraud by false declarations. Joe Giudice also pleaded guilty to failure to file a tax return.

When some customers of Jersey Meatball Company got wind of the company’s new partners, the complaints and concerns poured in. Some customers voiced their opinions on the company’s Facebook page:

“I guess if you want thug business, just hire a thug to be your advertisements”

When the company made the following photo of Teresa Giudice and her girls their Facebook cover photo, their customers were outraged and posted comments declaring their disdain:

“You should put the picture of your company up there. Not her. And I’m being honest. She’s not very well liked lately”

Jersey Meatball Co RHONJ

The company immediately removed the photo (as their cover pic), deleted the negative comments and replaced the cover pic with their own marketing photo. A representative from the Meatball company wrote the following message on their Facebook in response to the negative backlash.

Everything here is on the up and up…I’m a hard working person, It’s all about the Balls…Let’s all just Enjoy….Meatballs are off the hook.”

Many families have suffered on the account of the Giudice’s funding their lavish lifestyle on the backs of hard-working people, who entered into business with them on good faith. I hope Mr. Centrella understands the major risk he’s taking by partnering with two habitual criminals. I really hope Teresa and Joe aren’t planning to use the Jersey Meatball Company to commit more fraud. This opportunity could be a front for the felonious couple to hide profits by selling their sauce and other products while pocketing profits, avoiding the mandatory NephCure charity donation.

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Mrs. “Teflon Don” plan to peddle her wine, cookies (sprinkle cookies – oh the irony!), pasta sauce and meatball recipe (likely stolen knowing her track record) at the Jersey Meatball Company. Knowing what we know of Teresa and Joe Giudice, they will probably swindle this company like they’ve done so many in the past. According to their bankruptcy petition, the couple renovated their N.J. Mcmansion for $100,000+ and ran up charges at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom then stiffed all those businesses.  They owe creditors a whopping $13.4 million.

Posted on the Jersey Meatball Co’s Facebook Page:

Teresa Giudice’s
Italian Sunday Cookies
On Sale Now $5.99
@ Jersey Meatball Co.

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John Centrella doesn’t seem phased by any of the Giudice’s dirty dealings, “I noticed some businesses are staying away from them but they’ve been good and they didn’t do no bad to me,” the dished. His stance on the situation is disheartening! As a fellow American taxpayer, Teresa and Joe’s actions have far-reaching implications and by supporting this couple, he sends the wrong message to his customers and the American public. The CEO added:

“I own the business, I’m not worried about anything from the past because I’m not expecting anything from them. We’re not business partners. I don’t get involved in their financial stuff. Money-wise, I don’t talk to them about things. I noticed some businesses are staying away from them but they’ve been good and they didn’t do no bad to me. Joe has already got his hands dirty, showing my cooks how to make the meatballs and sauce. There is nothing better than learning from the person who wrote the cookbook!”

The two individuals MrCentrella are endorsing are habitual criminals who continue to commit questionable acts. Stealing and defrauding innocent victims with no remorse for the destruction left in their wake. They currently live the high life, enjoying the spoils of their criminal career…designer clothes, luxury cars, mansions, lavish parties, all on the American public’s dime!


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