[VIDEO] Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: ‘Husbands Revealed’ [Episode 27]

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 RHOA Husbands

Bravo is extending the explosive season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with their first time ever “Husbands Revealed,” episode tonight. The episode will feature the husbands only, Gregg Leakes, Peter ThomasTodd Tucker, and Apollo Nida–Real Husbands of Atlanta!

The husbands meet for the first time ever in the Bravo “Housewives” franchise history. The episode shows the men bonding over drinks and gossiping, sort of a “Husband’s Reunion.”  The husbands of Atlanta played dominant roles in season 6, engaging in the “Housewives” drama-filled gossip and blow-ups. 


Peter Thomas, house husband of Cynthia Bailey seems to be auditioning for his spot as a Georgia Peach. This season, Peter stirred the pot more than a little bit. From gossiping with Kordell Stewart about his divorce from Porsha Williams to getting into the face of almost every wife on the show.

Apollo Nida, house husband of Phaedra Parks, got in big trouble with his wife over text-gate and having a private conversation with Kenya Moore. Apollo tried to explain text-gate to Kenya and gets caught in a lie. Then he’s caught red-handed by cameras checking out Kenya’s “physicality” in Mexico.

Todd Tucker, house husband of Kandi Burruss, had his share of drama thanks to his mother-in-law, Mama Joyce. Their contentious relationship provided an entire storyline for season 6, so much so, the network gave Kandi her own spinoff show. Running from a crazy mother-in-law, stressful wedding planning and a prenup made for plenty of drama.

Gregg Leakes, house husband of Nene Leakes, played ying to Nene’s yang during season 6. Gregg and NeNe married for a second time in 2013, after she filed for divorce in 2010. This season featured the couple happily married and Gregg playing the supportive hubby while his “actress” wife pursues her career. In tonight’s episode, Gregg reveals how he keeps the romance alive with NeNe during their morning routine.


Tune into Bravo tonight for RHOA ‘Husbands Revealed’ episode at 8:00 p.m. EST


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