Married to Medicine Sneak Peek: ‘Fashion Faux-Pas’ [Episode 7]

Posted on May 18 2014 - 1:57pm by SouthTampaLily


The doctors and wives of doctors are back tonight and it’s going down! Dr. Simone shares a secret with Dr. Jackie and then a fashion show turns ugly when Reco Chapple goes off on Mariah!! Mariah brings security and Reco has to be physically restrained and forced to exit the fashion show. G-H-E-T-T-O!!!

Dr. Simone finally reveals her financial issues to a shocked and speechless Dr. Jackie. Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly hears some startling information about Mariah. An explosion erupts at the Women of Atlanta fashion show when Reco Chapple and Mariah finally come face to face.

When Dr. Heavenly Kimes meets with her stylist (Mariah’s cousin) she hears dirt on the “Queen Bee.” Why is everyone turning on Mariah? Bravo is on a mission to make Mariah the pariah of season two but Mariah is not taking the bait and holding her composure at every turn.


Mariah Huq arrives to Quad’s fashion show (with her own bodyguard in tow), which comes in handy when she’s approached by Reco Chapple.


Reco Chapple aggressively attacks Mariah Huq about their friendship and “who made who,” thank God Mariah brought security and her mama because Reco crossed the line with his behavior. Reco like his new bff Quad is putting on a show for the cameras. Mariah remains posed and unphased by Reco’s stunt queen performance. Go Mariah!


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  • nan/4

    True, it’s wrong for a man to come up into any woman’s face, but I can see how Pariah gets under people’s skin. She seems to need to be the queen bee at all costs, and I for one wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her! JMO…

    I hope that everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. Take care! 😉

  • Bonita Gee

    Oh wow that was mean of Mariah to shun him when he leaned in for kiss, after all he did say hello to her mother FIRST, kissed her and said ”Hello Ms. Lucy”, he was VERY respectful of everyone
    On the other hand when Ms. Meany Mariah turned away and ignored him I would have said something, but he could have let it go after that and just walked away.
    SO after awhile it DID look like he was PUTTING ON for the cameras, it didn’t have to get that INTENSE.

  • SAMRA1116

    Oh Reco is just showing off for the cameras—Quad is no better, she lies to her husband, so lying on anyone else is ok. I think she forgot her only friend, was Mariah, the rest of the ladies, did not like her. Quad please don’t ever do that ugly cry, you look horrible and bad acting.
    Reco stay out of women mess, you just make it worse. IMO

    • Bonita Gee

      Heee Heee…..!! You are so right Quad needs to stop with that UGLY, FAKE CRY she does.
      It’s laughable……. and I don’t think her poor husband is EVER going to catch on to her LIES. He’s so gullible it seems.

      • SAMRA1116

        He’s older and one sided—she knows he wanted a child asap
        she’s really extra this year and that make up is so wrong
        in all ways, too much and clownish

      • Exactly!!! Quad is faker than a three dollar bill.

  • Norrth

    I a bit stunned to see a man aggressively go after a woman like that. Why was he taking off his jacket? They other women should have been horrified and Toya (?) is standing there smiling. This was not a good look for anyone. I so rarely watch M2M,and that little fight pretty much assures that I won’t be watching much in the future, either.

    • Thank you! I swear we were seperated at birth. We think a lot alike. I was horrified by Reco’s actions and solidified Mariah having a bodyguard there. Toya and Lisa Nicole loved every bit of it with the smirks on their faces. I got a blind item on one of those bitches and now I want to run it. Ugh!!!!!!