EXCLUSIVE: Lying Housewife: Teresa Giudice Caught Talking Legal Drama on Camera!

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As reported, Teresa Giudice, claimed she never filmed scenes discussing her legal troubles with her minor girls while the cameras rolled. Teresa even took to Facebook and Twitter to declare “I want to make sure everybody knows that there were NO cameras rolling on private matters with my daughters,” she later deleted the tweet and Facebook post.

Supposedly, Teresa wanted to wait until Bravo concluded filming season 6 before entering her guilty plea. Allegedly, to keep that part of her life away from the cameras.

However, we have proof Bravo filmed scenes where Teresa and Joe Giudice discussed their legal situation with their daughter, Gia. The trailer shows the couple talking to Gia, who tearfully told Teresa, “I obviously know what’s going on.”  Gia also told her father that she hopes one day to be a “Criminal lawyer,” and Joe responds with, “Good, we’ll need it.”

Discussing such private and sensitive matters (with your minor children) while the Bravo cameras roll is incomprehensible. Many have compared their actions to exploitation. Similar to allowing tabloids to feature her minor children on their covers with scandalous and seemingly hurtful headlines.

Is Teresa and her TreHugger fans aware her kids can see these magazines?

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Obviously, Bravo will make the convicted felon’s legal woes a major part of season 6’s story arc. In one of the scenes, Teresa and Joe openly discuss their fraud charges with their family, “I’m in this nightmare I can’t get out of.” Teresa says.

While praying, she added, “I really need protection right now. Joe and I. And the girls.”

The felonious couple were indicted on 41-counts of felony fraud in 2013. Then on March 4th, struck a plea deal with the feds to plead guilty to several counts of fraud. Shortly after that on April 8th, her Bankruptcy petition was finalized revealing the RHONJ star owes creditors a staggering $13.4 million dollars.

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Teresa and Joe’s sentencing date is set for July 8th. They are both facing time in the slammer for their crimes. Teresa faces 2 years and 10 years for Joe plus deportation. 

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