The Blacklist Recap: ‘Berlin II’ [Season Finale]

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[Season Finale]

<Major Spoiler Alert>

Part II of “Berlin” will have you feeling like you should be sending out the deepest sympathy cards money can buy. The finale opens up with a bunch of prisoners/witnesses from the crashed plane talking about some man who cut off his hand and followed by Red being carted off to lock up. A very smug FBI official asks Red if the girl (Liz) was worth it. Red asks him if he applies Brylcreem to his hair. For all that jet blackness, a little dab won’t do ya.

Liz begs anyone who will listen to allow Red to help them with this Berlin character. Meanwhile, Tom drops off a list of names which includes his wife Liz and the rest of the task force to a man in a non-luxury apartment. Could he be the mysterious Berlin? Regardless of who the evil stranger is, the FBI task force has been targeted.

Alan Fitch arranges for Red to be transferred to another holding facility, but Red takes it a step further and escapes all together. He then calls Liz to warn her they are all in grave danger, but Donald and Meera are at a night club searching for a suspect and cannot be reached. Sadly, field agent and mother of two, Meera Malik, gets killed. Some brute sneaks up from behind slashes her throat.

No one seems to know much about Berlin except that he is actually Russian. How many of you thought he would be from Germany? Sadly, Harold doesn’t know someone is sitting in the back seat of his car with what appears to be wire in his hands and Harold takes an attack to the neck also. The names are being scratched off the list. Berlin is able to track Red’s whereabouts in the United States all because of his, his what? Red’s care, which we have yet to understand the depth for Lizzie. Red does tell Liz that she can never know who her father is and this is purely for her own safety.

Red does a little tracking of his own and finds the man Tom gave the list to and thinks he is Berlin. But while Red is inside popping caps in the man’s kneecaps, Tom has slithered into the parked car with Liz. Now why on God’s green earth would you sit in an unlocked car when you know madmen are plucking your team off like a bloom from a rose?

Tom marches Liz upstairs and holds her at gunpoint. Either Red lets the man-who-is-not Berlin go or Tom will shoot Liz. That honeymoon has been over. Red shoots the man. What does he care? Liz struggles with Tom for his gun. Shots ring out. Several more shots ring out and that’s because Liz is busy firing holes into Tom with bullets from his own gun. Go team Liz. Red walks over to finish the job but Liz convinces him that it would be best if she finished the job. Red leaves. Tom apologizes, but he whispers something in Lizzie’s ear before he fades to black.

Liz is packed and ready to go and so is Red, but where are they going? Harold is holding on and showing signs of life. The police arrive at the apartment and find the body of the man Red shot, but where is Tom? There is only a bloody mess where we last saw him.

Liz arrives at Red’s huge man cave right before he leaves. The two of them sit on the staircase where she tells Red that Tom whispered in her ear that her father is alive. Red is adamant with his counterclaim. “Your father died in that father.”

Now was Red speaking metaphorically? Was he insinuating that her father “burned” and buried his old identity in that fire because the last thing we see is Red taking off his shirt to reveal a badly burned back.

What did you think of last night’s season finale of “The Blacklist?” I don’t know about you, but I was served some awesome sauce on this one, and now I, a big fan of the show, really feel sad the season has ended and I do want to send out some “deepest sympathy” cards…to me!


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