Kenya Moore’s One-On-One Interview On WWHL

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Kenya Moore WWHL

Kenya Moore appeared on a special pre-recorded Watch What Happens Live last night for a one-on-one interview with host, Andy Cohen. Kenya addressed the violent attack she suffered at the hands of Porsha Williams at the reunion. She also discussed, harassment, insults and lies she’s encountered by her co-stars and presented proof of the harassment.

Host, Andy Cohen wasted no time and jumps right in by telling Kenya that most people took Porsha’s side in the incident and was she surprised. Kenya responded with:

“I don’t know if it’s surprising but it’s sad. I think when you take the side of someone who has attacked someone and for someone to say ‘she made me do it or she deserved that,’ I think it’s a sad commentary for people who would take her side in that.”

Cohen, playing devil’s advocate (after the backlash he received) asks were you a bully?

“I think by definition, a bully is someone who torments a weaker person. I think that term is not appropriate here.”

Kenya says that the cards were stacked against her at the RHOA reunion which led up to the physical altercation with Porsha Williams. Porsha was not an innocent flower that was bullied and Kenya gave examples of Porsha’s aggressive behavior towards her. Clips are played of Porsha’s antagonistic behavior, proving Porsha was not a victim who was bullied.

“If I can be honest. I don’t think you’ll even air it because it’s too honest. First off, the way that she fell to the ground, screaming and kicking like a two year-old after she attacked me, then to be constantly treated like a baby, coddled and treated like a wounded little bird. When that wounded little bird grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the ground, clearly meaning to hurt me, that is not a wounded person that has been bullied. That is a person that intentionally came to do harm. She’s always been aggressive towards me, but people don’t remember those things. Or they refuse to see those things. How does a 32 year-old woman on a reality show that has a mouth the size of hers and the things that come out of her mouth ever say that she was bullied? To show flashbacks of that, that tempered the audience’s reaction. That’s the truth.”


In response to Andy’s accusation that her props were used as a weapon to threaten Porsha. Kenya makes it known that there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to attack her (Read about the pre-planned attack here). She was targeted by Nene, Phaedra and Porsha.

“I don’t think the props had anything to do with being provocative at all. I think there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to come attack me. I think to say that the props were brought to antagonize Porsha is silly. I didn’t have a problem with Porsha this entire year. We’ve never gotten into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight. She wasn’t someone I even planned to have an issue with at the reunion. My issues were with NeNe and my issues were with Phaedra. Porsha was never on my radar.”

Then Andy continues to ride the Porsha choo-choo train in an attempt to justify Porsha’s violent behavior and further lambast Kenya. Andy asks Kenya if she can understand how her props taunted Porsha. Kenya response:

“When Porsha first started out, she came with lies. She said that I paid not one, but two African men to play my boyfriend on the reunion, which is not true. And I have proof of that. The [MediaTakeOut] report of me paying Nigerian singer D’Banj $40,000 to play my boyfriend at the reunion is a lie. She [Porsha] couldn’t match what she was saying with her wit or intellect so she reverted to getting physical, Porsha used my props to blame her irrational, unstable behavior on.”

Footage of  Porsha’s one-on-one segment is played where Porsha says, Kenya owes her an apology. Then Andy asks what she thinks of her co-stars taking Porsha side? Kenya explains how the reunion altercation with Porsha equates to Porsha’s domestic violence situation at the reunion. Kenya says:

“I think she’s a person that is incapable of showing contrition, she is not remorseful for what she did. I don’t think someone who was attacked should apologize for being attacked.”
“I think they are contrariant. Every time you look around they are saying they don’t condone violence. But they do.” 


In regards to the legal aspect of the altercation, Kenya says:

“We will have to go to court and the court will decide what her punishment will be. She broke the law, she attacked me and to add insult to injury, she won’t even apologize for her actions. Initially, I did reach out to her and her attorney to try and resolve it. I was met with ‘we’re going to try to sue you for aggravated assault.’ That’s someone who won’t take responsibility for what they’ve done.”

Kenya Moore WWHL


Cohen brings up Kenya’s number one nemesis, Nene Leakes. He says Nene said you were trying to get in between her and Cynthia’s relationship. Kenya responds that she thinks her RHOA co-star, NeNe Leakes is threatened by her and that the show’s ratings have gone up because of her [Kenya]. Then Andy asks, why doesn’t Nene like you? Watch Kenya’s response below:


Cohen wraps up the interview by asking if Kenya and Marlo Hampton are still friends. Kenya says, she thinks Marlo is a cool person and the two are friendly, they meet for lunch and chat often. I believe by Andy asking that question last, it’s a strong indicator, Marlo will be featured as a  “friend of a housewife” in season 7. Stay tuned.

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