Tamra Judge Explodes at Gretchen Rossi: “You’re a Nasty B*tch Who Will Do Anything To Stay Relevant!”

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Tamra Judge is currently embroiled in a very public and volatile custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney. Tamra’s former The Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, Gretchen Rossi is making it crystal clear that she’s not #TeamTamra, she recently spoke with Life & Style and told the magazine, Tamra cares more about RHOC than taking care of her kids.” Ouch!

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Tamra never at a loss for words, responded to Gretchen via an explicit-filled Instagram rant:

“A nasty bi— who will do anything to stay relevant! GO AWAY! You know nothing about my life or my kids. I pray that one day you have the happiness and beautiful children I have. I pray that your children are not hurt by divorce and their names are not [dragged] through the mud by people like you.”

Gretchen responded on Twitter, denying that she ever said anything about Tamra’s kids.

“I’ve never talked about her kids. She’s the one who has talked about Slade & his relationship with his son. Let your past record speak for itself, no matter what the accusations. I don’t speak about things I don’t know about, I only speak about my experiences and how someone has treated me.” 

Tamra then appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday and shared the struggles of her bitter custody battle, commenting it’s, “one of the most devastating times of my life.”

Watch Tamra share details of her ex-husband’s lawsuit against her for one-hundred percent custody of their children.

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